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Laser Tattoo Removal Aftermath, I Thought There Would Be More Blistering and Scabbing, Normal?

I just had my first laser tattoo removal session 2 days ago and I'm not experiencing any of the blistering and scabbing I was warned about. There... READ MORE

Where is the Easiest Places to Have a Tattoo Removed off Your Body?

(laser tattoo removal) I know hands, ankle and on the lower back are the hardest places to get them removed... what about the upper arm? READ MORE

White Ink Tattoo Removal?

Hi! I have a tattoo that is mostly black, but has some white on the tips. How does removal of the white pieces work? Can I ask the specialist not to... READ MORE

Does Laser Removal Work Well on Large/dense/black Tribal Style Tattoos?

I have large/dense/black tribal on my entire left arm and takes up half my skin. I didn't realize how bold it was until it was too late. Now I am... READ MORE

New Technology Better Than Laser For Tattoo Removal?

Hi, please take a look... what do You think, it is realy new technology? TES: Tattoo eraser system? I´d like to share with everything what I found ... READ MORE

What laser is best for getting rid of black Ink? (Photo)

Hello I have two tattoos on my wrists that I regret greatly and I'm looking for the fastest and most effective way to get rid of them. Before I jump... READ MORE

Is Laser Tattoo Removal with Q Switch Lasers Safe? Where Does the Ink Go?

I've had 4 laser sessions, and since after the 2nd session I have had recurring issues with an axillary lymph node that keeps swelling up. Is laser... READ MORE

Which laser tattoo removal system is fastest and the most effective to remove a tattoo?

I need to get this tattoo removed as soon as possible. The tattoo is behind my ear. Its a small word but the black ink is very bold and dark. READ MORE

Is TEPR Fluid Like Tatt2Away, Rejuvatek, Rejuvi.. a Safe and Effective for Tattoo Removal?(photo)

Is TEPR fluid like Tatt2Away, Rejuvatek, Rejuvi a safe and effective alternative to laser for large, multicolored tattoo removal? READ MORE

I Had Tattoo's Placed over a Scar on Both my Feet from an Bilateral Bunionectomy. Tattoo Removal on Scar Tissue? (photo)

I had tatoo's placed over a scar on both my feet from an bilateral bunionectomy of 5 stars. will tatto removal work for me if its over scar tissue? READ MORE

Why is my tattoo removal not working?

I have a 1x1 black tattoo on my hip that is a year old. I have had 4 treatments with the Quanta Q-Plus C laser and there has not been any change at... READ MORE

Does using a topical numbing cream for tattoo removal slow down the process by making treatments less effective?

Counseling brother who is thinking about getting his tattoo removed. Black tattoo on leg, heard it was painful but cautioned about how pain meds might... READ MORE

Tattoo Vanish..does It Work?

Can anybody tell me if the tattoo vanish method of tattoo removal works? Is it safe? READ MORE

Will Tattoo Removal Work? (photo)

Ok so I got this tattoo about a year ago. I know its pretty big, and its on my back. Ive been regretting it lately, but I have considered laser... READ MORE

Is the R20 method safe and effective for tattoo removal? (Photo)

I have a black ink tattoo of just lettering. It is new and I'm waiting 8 weeks before I begin laser removal. I am wondering if the r20 method done... READ MORE

Can Multi-colored Tattoos Be Removed Completely with Multiple Laser Treatments? (photo)

I have multi-colored tattoos that range from red, black, light pink, white, teal, yellow, orange and purple in it. I heard that white ink is the... READ MORE

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal or IPL to Fade Tattoo Away

There is a slight orangy outline left over from touch up over faded brown eyebrows. Will laser tattoo removal work, or can IPL (light therapy) fade... READ MORE

After Having Tried Salabration to Remove Tattoo What's the Best Way to Help It Heal with Minimal Scars?

This is 10 days since I rubbed the top layers of skin off my leg to try and remove a tattoo I used loads of salt and water First rubbing salt in with... READ MORE

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