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Who Does Tattoo Excision in Los Angeles?

Need to find a doctor who can do tattoo excision in los angeles/orange county. 2 small tattoos on index fingers to be removed. READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Not Working. How Do I Find Best Provider for Excision or Dermabrasion?

I have had 18-20 treatments over the past 3-4 years for a 4" blue/turquiose/white star. At this point i go for free, but it's not working and... READ MORE

How to Find a Good Laser Tattoo Removal Doctor?

After reading all the info I could find about eyebrow tattoo removal, I am ready to consult with someone about laser removal. What is the best way to... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal in Louisville Kentucky, Large Black Upper Back Tattoo, and I'm Only 17 Years Old? (photo)

I need places in Louisville, KY that offer laser removal. I'm desperate. Also could anyone give me a rough estimate on length and overall cost? I'm... READ MORE

Does anyone does Tattoo removal using the infrared coagulation method? (IRC) (photos)

Desperately want to remove this tattoo! It has had 2-3 laser removals and 2 salt saline treatments. Does anyone in the Las Vegas area offer infrared... READ MORE

Tattoo Excision (no laser removal): who, what, where, and when? (Photo)

Hi, This tattoo is approx 4 sq in and is on my wrist. I don't care about getting a scar after excision. I don't want to spend tons of $ on laser... READ MORE

What laser should I use to remove the remainder of these tattoos? This has been 6 PicoSure and 2 Medlite before that (Photo)

I feel like picosure isn't actually working as great on the black ink. What other laser do you suggest and any locations in the Washington, D.C. area... READ MORE

Who in Toronto does surgical excision of tattoos and how large can a tattoo be to get surgical excision?

Want to get surgical excision on a tattoo but can't find anywhere that does it because most places only do laser removal from what I've seen. I know... READ MORE

Can I get tattoo excision on my leg? (Photo)

I have a tattoo on the right side of my right leg. About two inches from the ankle. I need a small part of it removed immediately for employment... READ MORE

Best/cheapest Place to Get Your Tattoo Removed in Near Milwaukee Wisconsin? (photo)

Me and my best friend randomly decided one day that we were just going to go get matching tattoos, but later on I realized it is kind of hard to cover... READ MORE

Where Can I Find a Surgeon to Remove my Tattoo by Excision in NYC?

Im joining the army it I have a quarter size tatto behind my ear, I live in NYC does anyone know where I can find someone to surgical remove it? I... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal with Tissue Expander?

I tried to remove a tattoo on my left chest using TCA and now I have a partially removed tattoo and a hypertrophic scar in the shape of the rest of... READ MORE

Tattoo Excision in Dallas Texas? (photo)

I have tried Q switched laser ive been going for about over a year going on 2 years and i see no improvement and i just want these tattoos gone. i... READ MORE

How Safe is Excision Tattoo Removal on Foot?

My tattoo is on my inner foot under that 'bone bump', it's multi-colored: 1 red and 2 yellow sunflowers with brown centers, green flowers and outlined... READ MORE

Tattoo Excision Doctor?

I am looking for a a quick and easy way to remove my tattoos. I have two quarter sized tattoos behind my ears. I have gone over all options and as I... READ MORE

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