Discoloration + Tattoo Removal

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Is that normal to get skin discoloration after Tattoo Removal treatment?

I have had a spot treatment on a halfsleeve tatto that was done in black and grey shading . the spot turn light brown since then from grey is that... READ MORE

On Second Treatment of Laser Tattoo Removal and Im Starting to Notice Areas on the Black Ink Starting to Turn Brown?

On second treatment of laser tattoo removal and Im starting to notice areas on the black ink starting to turn brown, is this normal? READ MORE

Light Brown Tattoo turning red? (photo)

The situation. I went to one treatment center for my first 3 sessions (all spaced between 6-8 wks) and the Dr. did not want to touch the light brown... READ MORE

Can my Tattoo Be Removed with out Any Scar or Discoloration? (photo)

Can my Tattoo Be Removed with out Any Scar or Discoloration? READ MORE

Can anything be done to remove permanent lip color and liner that has turned black from laser attempts to remove it?

Is there any way to remove a permanent makeup tattoo that has oxidized and turned black in an attempt to remove the color previously with a laser... READ MORE

Post tattoo removal pictures. Is it normal to still have that discoloration after that long time? (Photo)

Hello. I had my tattoo removed before 15 months with laser removed. After all this time the scar seems to still have a pink colour and a bit rough... READ MORE

My Skin Looks Green/black After Tattoo Removal, is This Ok?

I recently had my first tattoo removal on my arm. I had a scar there that I wanted to cover up, so I had a tattoo put there, which made it worse! But... READ MORE

My eyebrows were tattooed dark brown and have turned greenish blue. Can they be lasered?

The lady then applied and orange blue brow corrector which didnt really take amd the brows are the same colour. All pigments contained iron oxide and... READ MORE

Tattoo removal; can I remove a desperately unwanted tattoo from my forearm using a dermatome instrument? (Photo)

Can I remove a desperately unwanted tattoo from my forearm using a dermatome instrument? I understand that a split thickness skin graft donor site... READ MORE

What is the skin's threshold for laser treatment? I.e. Is it capable of fully repairing itself? (Photo)

I had a black tattoo put on my left forearm, about 3in x 3in. I underwent about 8 laser treatments which resulted in scarring. Desperate to conceal... READ MORE

Would this green shamrock tattoo have any success at being removed with little to no skin discoloration?

This tattoo was professionaly done. It is 4 years old. I went for a consultation to get this tattoo removed and told that I'm not a good candidate for... READ MORE

What is the risk difference between laser tattoo removal to the face as compared to the rest of the body?

I currently have my eyebrows tattooed on using 'feather touch' technique. They have significantly discoloured and are now a pinkish colour. I have... READ MORE

If White Ink Turns Black During Removal, is It then Impossible to Remove?

I'm considering removing my lynx-tattoo, since I hate it. The whiskers are in white and doesn't need to be removed, but they cross areas of black,... READ MORE

Can I do anything about discoloration, "scarring", and what is left of my tattoo?

I have had 10 r20 treatments and 1 picosure treatment on a pelvic tattoo. I am left with severe hyper and hypopigmentation. The picosure treatment was... READ MORE

Tattoo Changing Color after first Laser Session? (photo)

Hello, sry, my english is not good. over two weeks ago i had my first laser session on my red rose tattoo. i don´ t can feel scab more, but there are ... READ MORE

Can white ink be removed from a tattoo once it has turned darker from laser removal?

I recently had a test patch done on my tattoo which I originally thought was all black and I have noticed that parts of the test patch have turned a... READ MORE

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