Damage + Tattoo Removal

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Does massaging the tattoo area will help fading?

I read an article that says that massaging the tattoo area every day for a few minutes helps the fading (because it brings more blood to the area).... READ MORE

Having Third Eyebrow Tattoo removal Treatment. Noticing Swelling Post-Op, Is This Damaging My Eyes?

And after each treatment my eyes get swelling too much during two days, my concern is if it could affect my eyes in the future time?(they protect my... READ MORE

Removing tattoos with bioplasma or Plex(e)r?

I contacted a doctor to tell me about removing a tattoo with the technique of bioplasma. It 'a scam? Damages the skin? basically told me that it takes... READ MORE

Recommendations for eyebrow tattoo removal in Orange County California?

I had my eyebrows embroidered (semi-permanent ink artist promised) six weeks ago and unhappy with results. Long story short, lesson learned - make... READ MORE

Just had a test spot, and it seems I have tissue damage. didn't have any of the "laser frosting," just open wound. (Photo)

Q switch. I can see visible pin holes. The size is a little smaller than a dime, and took approx 20 seconds. would like an opinion..doesn't seem... READ MORE

Strange side effect after one year of Tattoo Removal, what do I do about it? (photo)

Good day all, I have a medium size tattoo and from the second session with a different Doctor than the fist one my skin reacted very differently. It... READ MORE

Male/light skin/permanent makeup eyebrow removal?

I'm a 28 years old male, light-dark skin. Unfortunately, the artist did not follow my guidelines that I asked for and now i have badly drawn (arched)... READ MORE

Can I have Laser tattoo removal with breast implants?

Can tattoo removal using Q-switched Nd:YAG laser above the breast cause damage to breast implants? READ MORE

I've had 9 sessions of Picosure for tattoo removal, will Picoway help with the remaining traces of the tattoo? (photos)

Are there dangers or risk of damage switching to another laser? I've been going to Dr. Freehling in Mountain View but that's the best they can do.... READ MORE

What laser tattoo removal laser is known to be the least risky in causing changes in skin color such as hypo pigmentation?

I am of Asian descent and am very concerned about going through with laser tattoo removal because of my ethnicity. Although, I don't have any keloid... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation after laser tattoo removal, solution? (Photo)

On january 9th I had my 4th session with q-switched lazer 532 only for one session. (The other sessions 1064 nm used on me). So since then... READ MORE

Will my fine motor functions be affected if I have a laser tattoo removal at the underside of my left wrist? (Photo)

I have this tattoo at the underside of my left wrist and want it removed. My only main concern is if laser treatment would affect my fine motor... READ MORE

I got my second laser tattoo removal treatment and got burnt in the sun, will this cause damage and leave a scar?

Was out in the sun this weekend & it got burnt & now has peeled off Will this damage any more of my treatments Will this leave a scar now? READ MORE

Can TCA remove tattoo ink from eyebrows without damaging the hair? (photo)

Have a tattoo eyebrows which is dark color, I need to removed the color, but I don't want to loose my eyebrows hair. READ MORE

Tried MedliteC6, but Ink Appears to Be Changing Colors, Not Working Anymore, and Damaging Skin?

I had 7 treatments with the MedliteC6 for a small 1.5" all outline tattoo (no shading). The ink was pure dark indigo blue/black, not mixed. I still... READ MORE

Can my wrist tattoo be excised? If so, can it be done in a single procedure? (Photo)

After 18 laser treatments on a wrist tattoo over a period of 3 yrs (11 q-switch & 7 picosure), the ink has faded somewhat, but my skin is scarred &... READ MORE

How effective is laser tattoo removal?

I'm nervous about the removal. How painful is it and will it damage my skin? READ MORE

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