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Is It Easier to Remove a New Tattoo or a Old One?

I just got a new tattoo. Basically half sleeve mostly black and about 5 months old. Anyways I was wondering if it was easier to remove a new tattoo? READ MORE

What is the best laser tattoo treatment between Astanza Trinity, Medlite C6, and Picosure? (Photo)

I currently got a tattoo this past November (2013) which I am very much regretting. It's placement is on my neck, it's black, and I would say is... READ MORE

R20 Laser for Tattoo Removal?

Hi, I was looking for laser tattoo removal information and what I've found is that the nd yag q switched laser is the best method in almost every... READ MORE

Which is better to remove my tatto: Laser Q Switch Revlite or Quanta System Q-Plus C? (Photo)

As mentioned in a previous post until now I had this tattoo mistakenly treated with laser AlexTrivantage candela and thanks to you I realized that my... READ MORE

Which tattoo removal laser is superior? The Alex TriVantage, the Astanza Trinity, or the Medlite C6.

I've been getting rather unsuccessful laser treatments for going on 2 years with an outdated Medlite. I've put myself through a lot of pain and am... READ MORE

Which laser tattoo removal system is fastest and the most effective to remove a tattoo?

I need to get this tattoo removed as soon as possible. The tattoo is behind my ear. Its a small word but the black ink is very bold and dark. READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal, what are the advantages and disadvantages? (Photo)

I've started the process of Laser Tattoo Removal. Since I've started I've read and seen many different times of lasers being used i.e Medlite and... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - Dermabrasion, Excision, Rejuvi or IPL?

I recently had a laser tattoo removal and it doesnt look like its going to be a speedy process.I really dont want to spend so much on a tattoo so... READ MORE

I want a black ink tattoo removal. Which would you recommend; Picosure vs Yag1064?

I have seen a ton of discussion on the new Picosure and also the Yag1064 in regards to black ink. I know the Picosure is the new hype in tattoo... READ MORE

Excision tattoo removal or laser tattoo removal for calf (lower leg) tattoo? (Photo)

I got my rose tattoo when I turned 19, I'm 21I'm just disappointed with the way it looks now. I may think it looks huge but other people might think... READ MORE

Which laser is better for tattoo removal-picosure or picoway? (Photo)

I'm a 31 year old American female of italian descent. I got a black tribal sun tattoo on my lower back 14 years ago, professionally done. The tattoo... READ MORE

Q switch vs Alex Trivantage? Would q switch be sufficient to remove my tattoos? (Photo)

I'm about to have my 1 month old tattoo. The doctors are charging me differently and some offer the q switch (cheaper), some offer the Alex trivantage... READ MORE

Are Picosure, PicoWay, Picosecond and Candela/Syneron the same laser for remove a black tattoo?

I've heard all those names but I just want to make sure are the same laser or if they are different types. Thank you!! READ MORE

What is the best laser for removal of black tattoo ink? (photos)

I've consulted with several tattoo removal businesses in the last week with a wide variety of prices and settings, from doctor's office ($$$) to... READ MORE

2.5 year old tattoo faded a lot, and I want it removed. Which laser and how many treatments? (Photo)

I have a tattoo of a long stem daisy inside my right upper arm. It was very dark initially and has faded a lot. I want to get it removed, and I know... READ MORE

Q-Switched Lasers, MedLite C6 or the Astanza trinity? (Photo)

Q-Switched Lasers, MedLite C6 or the Astanza trinity? I'm getting different quotes for tattoo removal, one place that I've gone to were going to... READ MORE

Which laser would be best for half sleeve color tattoo; picosure vs picoway?? (photos)

I just wanna save time and better result for me i want fully removal as much as possible black and gray wash tattoo with red yellow green purple... READ MORE

For a Color tattoo is better alexander, Trivantage, or Revlite? (photos)

To remove my tattoo (photo attached) is better alexander trivantage or revlite? After 5 laser treatments have not achieved anything with trivantage READ MORE

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