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What Tattoo Ink Colors Are Easiest to Remove?

Which ink colors are easiest to remove using laser tattoo removal? Any ink colors that won't come out at all? READ MORE

Is Purple a Difficult Ink Color to Remove with the Laser Tattoo Removal?

I'm currently undergoing laser tattoo removal treatments to get rid of a tattoo I got 10 years ago. I've only been in for one session so far... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Cost - Light-Skinned African American?

I just got a tattoo about 3weeks ago and I am now looking to get it removed.My tattoo was professionally done in black ink,on my wrist its about 21/2... READ MORE

Tattoo Changing Color During Laser Removal?

My pink tattoo has turned blue. I had about 6 previous laser treatments with much of it faded. I had to stop treatment almost 4 years ago because of... READ MORE

Can a Red, Black and Green Rose Tattoo Be Successfully Removed from African American Skin Type 3 or 4?

Can a red, black,and green rose tattoo located on the breast be successfully removed from African American skin type 3 or 4? I got the tattoo in... READ MORE

Tattoo Excision for Large Tattoo?

Hello, I have a pretty large tattoo that wraps around forearm/middle arm to upper arm that I would like to have removed via surgical excision w/ skin... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal On Arm. Mainly Black Ink But Some Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue?

I have a half sleeve tattooer I would like to remove it has mainly black but with some yellow orange green and blue just wondering if it be possible... READ MORE

Will It Be Possible to Remove Pink, Green, Yellow and Other Colours Tattoo with Laser in the Near Future? (photo)

Will it be possible to remove pink, green, yellow, violet, white... and other multicolour ink completely ink with laser in the near future, maybe 5-10... READ MORE

I had a test spot done on a colored tattoo. If there is Oxidation, could it be lightened with treatments? (photos)

I had a test spot done on a larger, colored tattoo. I've gone to several consultations, and everyone says I should not have a problem getting rid of... READ MORE

Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Possible with Different Colors?

I have a bit of flesh colored tattoo with brown on my eyebrows. I want to have them removed now and understand that the flesh colored tattoo can turn... READ MORE

How Long After a New Tattoo Before It Can Be Removed? The Tattoo is 9 Days Old. (photo)

I am very regretful of what i have done and angry with myself. In my head because its new the quicker I get this started the better is this true? The... READ MORE

What is the Best Laser for Tattoo Removal on black ink and color ink?

Considering tattoo removal but what is the best laser to be used on black ink? For colors should one use another laser?  READ MORE

Can Multi-colored Tattoos Be Removed Completely with Multiple Laser Treatments? (photo)

I have multi-colored tattoos that range from red, black, light pink, white, teal, yellow, orange and purple in it. I heard that white ink is the... READ MORE

Can this multicolor tattoo be removed? (photos)

Hi. I made a very bad decision with the placement of this tattoo. I want to go for full removal. What are my chances with these colours? The outlined... READ MORE

Easier to Remove a Light Colored Tattoo with a Laser if It Was Re-tattooed in Black?

I've read black ink is much more easy to remove opposed to yellow or green. That being said could one re-tattoo a light colored tattoo in black... READ MORE

I had this tattoo professionally done about a month ago. Can this tattoo be removed? (photo)

I had this tattoo professionally done about a month ago and I'm not happy with the overall design. If I'm unable to remove it all I'd like to at least... READ MORE

What is the best laser machine to remove blue ink?

I just got a tattoo a week ago AND I do't want it no more it has a lot of blue along with other colors. I pretty much have the rainbow of all the... READ MORE

What color is the most difficult to remove in tattoo?

I want to know , because it's very important for me . READ MORE

I Have a Full Half Sleeve Tattoo with Color How Much Will It Cost Everytime I Come In? (photo)

I have had it a year its a lil above my elbow and its all around my arm to shoulder with color? READ MORE

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