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Is Complete Tattoo Removal Possible?

I desperately want my tattoo gone. It is 8 years old and was done professionally with black ink. Based on my research I believe laser treatment to be... READ MORE

Should I just continue with q switched laser to get rid of the darkened skin colored tattoo?

Had paradoxical darkening of skin colored tattoo on chest after Q Switched Laser for removal of brown spots. Told dr. about tattoo and she said... READ MORE

Is This Normal or is my Tattoo Removal Specialist Not Doing a Good Job?

The tattoo is completely black ink, consists of 5 small symbols across my chest, has only had 1 touch up, and is over 2 years old. I am young, with... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal on Upper Sternum - Excision or Laser?

I Need to Get a 5cm X 5cm Tattoo on my Upper Sternum Removed. Is Laser Better or Excision? I'm an asian in mid 20s, and I'd like to know the... READ MORE

Can I Remove my Tattoo? (photo)

Artist did wery bad work and i dont trust him anymore, like you see, i did not finish it. Can i remove it, what are my options? I am wery white... READ MORE

Should I Trust the Laser Clinlic if They Say They Can Remove my Chest Tattoo?

Im a black female I make a nightmare of my chest. I have a big tattoo from collarbone to mid chest. I do have keliod prone skin. Ive been to two laser... READ MORE

How long will it take to notice a fade in my tattoos after Ruby Laser treatments?

Hello, I have two tattoos on my chest area one on the right side and the other on the left side. they are about 1x 5x each. I have my first treatment... READ MORE

R20 Laser Tattoo Removal Method on Asian skin?

I am a (relatively) fair-skinned Asian looking to have a small tattoo removed from my chest using laser. I am very interested in the R20 Method... READ MORE

i have a 5 day tattoo that an artist ruined,now i only have the black ink and some red lines on my chest shoulder to shoulder.

How many laser treatments will i need to remove it all.i am 22 i dont smoke or do any kind of drugs and i heald in the first 4 days of my tatto being... READ MORE

Can this multicolor tattoo be removed? (photos)

Hi. I made a very bad decision with the placement of this tattoo. I want to go for full removal. What are my chances with these colours? The outlined... READ MORE

Any home remedy to remove the tattoo on the chest?

I want it to be removed.i don't really know how to get it removed and i don't want to laser it so can i have a better home remedy to remove the tattoo... READ MORE

I regret my large colorful tattoo on my chest. Can it be removed?

I had a tattoo but I am regretting it so much I am in constant mental pain and physical pain. I can't focus, I can't keep a conversation without... READ MORE

Please could I have a realistic answer to removing a cover up tattoo?

I have a cover up tattoo about 6cm/8cm on my chest, the original design was some green vine with flowers and a nautical star. I dislike the tattoo I... READ MORE

What kind of results could I expect with laser tattoo removal? (photos)

I have an 11 year old chest tattoo of a heart with wings. Its very large and well done. I was curious how many session and what kind of success could... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal with Tissue Expander?

I tried to remove a tattoo on my left chest using TCA and now I have a partially removed tattoo and a hypertrophic scar in the shape of the rest of... READ MORE

Can a Tattoo Above a Pacemaker Be Safely Removed by Lazer?

Can a tattoo above a pacemaker be safely removed by lazer? READ MORE

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