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How Many Treatments Will It Take to Get Rid of a New Tattoo on my Neck and It is All Black

I have got a new tattoo on my neck and I would like to know if anyone has had a new tattoo removed by laser and how many treatments might it take as... READ MORE

Which Laser is the Best for a Black Tattoo Removal?

I'm 25 years old, I got a black angel tattoo the size of my hand when I was 18. It has great detailing and has light and dark black throughout. I... READ MORE

How Soon After You Have a Tattoo Done Can You Get It Lasered off

My tattoo is under my left ear and down my neck it is a tribal cross 3inches long by a inch and a half about the size of a credit card I wish now not... READ MORE

Would Laser Removal Treatments Completely Remove my Full Back Peice Tattoo?

I am beginning to really hate my tattoo and desperately want to remove it. It bothers me everyday and I can't live with it any more. Originally I... READ MORE

Can I Remove my Tattoo 100%? (photo)

I made a mistake by going to tattoo artist who did not do exactly what i wanted and some days after i regret so badly what i did and could not sleep 2... READ MORE

Small Tattoo Removal. How Many Treatments Would it Take For Removal?

I just got a tattoo (smaller than a quarter black and red heart) on my rib cage. I'm a very small girl, not sure if that would change how deep the ink... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Remove A Tattoo With Blue and Black Ink?

Is It Possible to Remove Light Blue Butterfly with Black Colour Around It ?  READ MORE

Tattoo removal after laser treatment failed? What would be the next best option? I have been looking into skin grafting. (Photo)

Hi, I have a tattoo on my upper left arm (~5-6" length & width) in black ink. I went for six sessions of laser tattoo removal which left me with... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Remove This 6X3" Tattoo Off my Arm?

So i made a very stupid mistake, i got this tattoo thinking it was going to make me feel so good about myself. i know i should have thought about it... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take to Remove a All Black Tattoo the Size of a Quarter on my Right Hand? Backside. (photo)

I have a small black tattoo on the back of my right that is the size of a quarter. I got it 4 years ago. How many sessions would it take to remove... READ MORE

Is that normal to get skin discoloration after Tattoo Removal treatment?

I have had a spot treatment on a halfsleeve tatto that was done in black and grey shading . the spot turn light brown since then from grey is that... READ MORE

I Just Got a Tattoo Done on my Shoulder Going Down my Arm. Leopard Spots, How Much Will It Cost Me to Remove Them? (photo)

I Just had a tattoo done maybe about a week ago but i hate it i was so depressed and didnt feel like doing anything, its maybe like 30 big black... READ MORE

R20 with Ruby Laser or Picosure for Black Tattoo?

I went to a doctor's office for removal of a black tattoo. The doctor said he prefers to do R20 with the Ruby because this laser goes deeper in the... READ MORE

I Have a Large Black Half Sleeve Tattoo I Am Looking into for Laser Removal

My sleeve goes from wrist to elbow, wrist part is a partial cover up. I have a few laser techs look at it in Portland Oregon and a few tattoo artists... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal for Large Black Tattoo?

I have a large black professionally done tattoo on my forearm. I want to fade it enough to cover it up with a half sleeve tattoo. Any idea on how many... READ MORE

What is the best laser tattoo treatment between Astanza Trinity, Medlite C6, and Picosure? (Photo)

I currently got a tattoo this past November (2013) which I am very much regretting. It's placement is on my neck, it's black, and I would say is... READ MORE

Is the Ruby Laser the most effective laser treatment to remove my tattoo? (photo)

Hi, [Had to shorten question a lot] I found a very professional looking clinic in my home town. (Cambridge. UK) Today, I was expecting to be zapped... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove Only One Part of a Tattoo? (photo)

This is a portion of a tattoo on my upper arm, that is otherwise lovely. I would like to remove the black on it, and don't really want to remove the... READ MORE

Which laser is BEST for black ink in regards to tattoo removal? PICO or 1064 Q-SWITCHED?

Some say Pico, some say 1064 Q, but there seems to be no consensus. Is there any CONCLUSIVE evidence of either one being more efficient (in regards to... READ MORE

Which is better Q-switched or Q-switched ND YAG laser for best safest results for a black orange red tattoo for rework? (photo)

Im wanting to get a tattoo lighten so it can be covered up by another tattoo. The tattoo consists mainly black - orange and small amounts of red ink.... READ MORE

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