Bicep + Tattoo Removal

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Is This Tattoo a Good Candidate for Excision Removal? (photo)

I just got inked... and I regret it. There's a story, but the bottom line is that I wasn't in the right emotional state when I got it. My question is... READ MORE

Can PicoSure remove medium colorful tattoo in arm 15cm yellow, orange and little white? (photo)

Im in really bad situation this tattoo is new the artist did bad job and i stop it in the middle can picosure laser help in my situation?If yes how... READ MORE

5 sessions of q switched and zero results. I'm so sad. (photos)

I am 27 years old and I write from Italy. Two years ago I had a tattoo and now I have repented. Now after five sessions of laser qswitched (Alexander... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take to Laser Remove a 1/2"x4" All Black Tattoo on my Inner Bicep? (photo)

I just got a tattoo 2 days ago and it just isn't for me. I had thought about it for years but when I saw it on me I didn't like it and it's really... READ MORE

Is there anyone who does tattoo excision?

I have a piece on the inside of my left bicep that I've had 10 q-switch yag sessions on, and it's still not where I am satisfied. I am living in... READ MORE

Consider excision OF tattoo on left arm bicep as I am dark skinned, got scarred tattoo and laser is expensive

I want to get rid of black tattoo, its 4 names covering area of 4 inches long and 3 inches wide on left arm bicep. The reason I can't go for laser is,... READ MORE

I'm so sad and desperate! Fail of qswitched?! (photos)

Here left after FIVE laser sessions qswitched alexander trivantage and right after the first session with Revlite. I honestly do not know what to... READ MORE

Which laser system for tattoo removal? Which result to expect? (photos)

I have a trig with cherry blossoms on my arm (black/grey/pink). I am Italian and a dark skin type. Which laser should be used? I read that picosure... READ MORE

Is excision the only option in my case?

Got thick black tattoo on LEFT bicep 5 years ago. Covers area of 4 inches by 3 inches. Actually 4 names inked one below other. I've got type 4-5 skin,... READ MORE

Is it OK to do laser tattoo removal over or near an area that has possible nerve damage?

It's a thoracic nerve injury and I want to laser a small 3 inch length tattoo on the upper bicep area but am wondering if the laser will disrupt/harm... READ MORE

What's the cost and guarantee of getting a tattoo completely removed? Fair skinned, tattoo is simple line work in black ink.

I just got tattoo yesterday- a beautiful, medium sized olive branch wreath on my bicep in black ink. I have wanted this tattoo for months. However,... READ MORE

Hate my tattoo - what should I do? (photos)

I turned 18 in August and was really excited about getting a tattoo. I was set on getting a Japanese style tattoo but changed my mind and got black... READ MORE

Is excision a viable option for my tattoo?

I have got a 2x2cm tattoo on my inner bicep. The plastic surgeon I got in contact with strongly suggested to remove the tattoo in two sessions, which... READ MORE

I have an inner bicep tattoo about an inch tall, 3 inches long. How easy will this be to be completely removed? (Photo)

I've spoken to one dermatologist at my local RSVP medspa and she said my type of tattoo would be the easiest to remove given that it's black, not very... READ MORE

Can I get a coverup on existing tattooed scars?

I got a tattoo 4 years ago on my bicep, the artist inserted needle way too deep and it has got scarred very badly. It's all black. My question is, is... READ MORE

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