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Can Raised Tattoo Be Removed?

I have a large design on my back--all black--with areas that are raised. It was done professionally (though badly) and I am looking into having it... READ MORE

African American Tattoo Removal

I am a 30 year old African American woman looking for a safe yet successful way of removing a lower back tattoo. My question to you is, what would be... READ MORE

Can I Still Go Tanning if I'm Getting Laser Tattoo Removal?

I've got a large black upper back tattoo that I am scheduled to begin laser removal on in September, I was wondering if it is okay to go tanning in... READ MORE

Remove Big Multi-colored (Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Black) Tattoo on Back. Reasonable Expectations?

I Have a Big Multi-colored (Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Black) Tattoo on my Back. What Are Reasonable Expectations? I would like to have it removed,... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Through Excision for the Whole Back?

I have a tattoo that covers my whole back. I was wondering if I go with the excision option, will it cover the whole tattoo and will it be noticeable? READ MORE

Removing Tattoo from the Lower Back?

I have an 6 letter name on my lower back that I would like to be removed or possibly lightened up to cover it. What is the best way to get this done?... READ MORE

Number of Treaments for Tattoo Removal?

How many tattoo removal treatments will it take for me to get rid of the tattoo on my upper back (going across spine)? It is 4 small letters, small,... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal? (photo)

Had a tattoo gone terribly wrong and done under a month ago. Going for my first laser treatment in 7 days. Some general ?s..are there any advantages... READ MORE

Can I Have my Tattoo Removed, Without Noticing a Difference?

Hey, I'm thinking about getting my tattoo removed. The tattoo is on my upper back, and some of it down my spine. Fairly large tattoo, and only black... READ MORE

I have just got this tattoo done and I hate it. Its fresh today can I completely remove it? (photo)

I have just got this tattoo done and I hate it its fresh today can i completely remove it? how much? READ MORE

Looking for Advice on the Removal of a New Large Black (Little Shaded) Upper Back Tattoo? (photo)

This tattoo has robbed me of all confidence and security. I was recently hospitalized, partially because of how mentally sick this has made me. I got... READ MORE

My Tattoo Does Not Fade?

I had it done some 2 months ago... So it is fresh and black on my upper back and size is kind a 5x5 cm. So i went to laser threatment 1 month ago and... READ MORE

Is Excision Possible for This Tattoo? (photo)

I am looking to fully remove this tattoo... It is giving me serious mental health problems and would rather a huge scar than the writing which draws... READ MORE

I have an all black tattoo about 4x4". Can This Tattoo Be Removed? (photo)

I want to know if this tattoo can ever be fully removed. It is all black and about 4x4". I got it almost a year ago. I am considering going to a place... READ MORE

Can I Use Excision to Get Rid of a Lower Back Tattoo? Any Good Plastic Surgeons in AZ?

I have had 12-15 laser tattoo removal sessions. The yellow portion of the tattoo has been removed but, the light blue will not fade anymore. I have... READ MORE

4-in-1 Tattoo Removal No Results?

I have a small tattoo on my upper back that is about 1 year old that I had lasered for removal on March 11th (2013). I paid $900 for a 4-in-1... READ MORE

I have four tattoos on my shoulder and back I want removed completely. Is this possible? (photos)

They are about the size of a softball. Two is red ink on top of black and two is red all the way through. They are each about the size of a softball... READ MORE

I am so unhappy with the quality of this tattoo I want to get it laser-ed? (photo)

I don't need it completely removed because iam going get a cover up done. My question is can they laser the whole tattoo every session? Also how long... READ MORE

Which laser types will have the most effect on my tattoo and will treatment be effective at all? (photos)

I recently had a small and black tattoo covered and this is the result. I'm thinking about removal now. I'm very pale and the tattoo is quite dark. I... READ MORE

After Tattoo Removal Pain? (photo)

I had my first session using the q switch laser 7 days ago. The tattoo is vertical on the back of my neck, the last couple days I have noticed the... READ MORE

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