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Excision Tattoo Removal

I live on long Island and am having a hard time finding a surgeon who will do multiple excisions. I can't live with this tattoo. Its very large... READ MORE

Possible to Lighten a New Tattoo?

I had a tattoo on my right arm several weeks ago and it was a solid black. Now I'm trying to lighten it up. Can any one tell me what should I do? Thanks. READ MORE

Lasting Redness After Laser Tattoo Removal

I fear that I have become severly burned by laser Tattoo removal. Where there was a giant blister there is now a lot of redness. When I press on it,... READ MORE

IPL Tattoo Removal

There is a tattoo on my arm of my ex...need to laser it off. Is IPL laser the best technique to get rid of the colored ink (lots of it) READ MORE

Possible To Use Skin Grafting for Half Sleeve Tattoo?

I've got a large colorful tattoo(half sleeve)...when laser therapy fails,could it be possible to get the tattoo surgically removed.Can a tattoo... READ MORE

How Long Before I Can Get Tattoo over my Lasered Tattoo?

I am about to get a large black tattoo lasered from my arm, and am wanting a pin up to replace it. But I am just wondering, how long after laser... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Treat Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation During Laser Tattoo Removal?

I have been receiving laser tattoo removal for a black densely-inked tattoo on my forearm. My tattoo is fading (not completely yet, but getting there)... READ MORE

Tattoo removal after laser treatment failed? What would be the next best option? I have been looking into skin grafting. (Photo)

Hi, I have a tattoo on my upper left arm (~5-6" length & width) in black ink. I went for six sessions of laser tattoo removal which left me with... READ MORE

Best Laser Tattoo Removal Method?

I have two tattoos I'm going to remove in the near future. Both are big tattoos one on my arm is about 1-3 inches wide at some points and it... READ MORE

Legal Options After Laser Tattoo Removal Burn

I have been going to a lady in hull for ages, she has been giving me laser tattooo removal. My skin never burnt after the treatment, she only went... READ MORE

Can Only Part of my Tattoo Be Removed?

I had my wife's name and my daughter's name in the middle of the tattoo. After 12 years of marriage my wife and I have split up and have not been... READ MORE

Medlite C6? or Picosure? How many treatments before i could get a cover up? Am i being overcharged? (photos)

I was quoted 610 a section split into each forearm and each upper arm 4 (includes numbing and after care cream for the picosure treatment. I was told... READ MORE

Can Arm Tattoo of This Magnitude Be Excised & Grafted Successfully? (Laser Treatments Not Working)

I'm seeking tattoo excision and grafting of my right forearm after a horribly botched tattoo procedure. I've had 3 Q-switch laser treatments,... READ MORE

I Have a Large Black Half Sleeve Tattoo I Am Looking into for Laser Removal

My sleeve goes from wrist to elbow, wrist part is a partial cover up. I have a few laser techs look at it in Portland Oregon and a few tattoo artists... READ MORE

Excision to Get Rid of Tattoo and Scars?

I have big tattoo on my arm and scars under the tattoo. If I get Excision option, will I be able to get rid of my tattoo and scars under the tattoo at... READ MORE

I Have a 12' Red, Green & Black Half Sleeve Looking to Remove What Are the Realistic Expectations? (photo)

I have a consulation to remove my tattoo coming iup. It is a professionally done half sleeve. It consists of light to dark red roses, emerald green to... READ MORE

Is One Quick and Effective Tattoo Removal Session a Good Idea?

I am a 22 year old male with a name tattoo "SHAUN," 20cm long and 3cm wide, on my forearm for about more or less 2 years. I had a consult... READ MORE

Reddish Purple Color After Laser Tattoo Removal

I had two laser tattoo removal sessions for a black tattoo on my forearm. I think I got burned from the third treatment. I have a reddish purple color... READ MORE

How Many Treatments Would You Imagine it Taking to Remove this Black Tattoo? (photo)

I have a a large all black tattoo on my upper arm which I wish to have removed. I was told that exercise significantly aids the process of tattoo... READ MORE

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