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Best Tattoo Removal

When i was younger this tattoo was cute. now i hate it and want to remove it. whats the best way? READ MORE

How Much Fading Should I Expect After Three Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments on Ankle? (photo)

I have a multi-colored tattoo on my left outer ankle, approximately 1 inch in area, 15 years old. I have had three laser removal treatments spaced 6-8... READ MORE

2 Weeks After Laser Tattoo Removal and Still Swollen?

I had my third laser session on my ankle 2 weeks ago and am still experiencing swelling. I had blistering but now the area is just bloody. On my first... READ MORE

What Type of Doctor to Get a Tattoo Excision?

I have a 1" by 1" tattoo on lower ankle that I would like to get removed. I have my first laser treatment today and was told that they can't... READ MORE

Can Most Tattoos Be Removed with Laser Tattoo Removal Therapy?

I have a large red and green flower tattoo on the outside of my ankle (above the bone, a little higher on my leg) and a dark green butterfly on the... READ MORE

New Laser Technology?

I have an ankle tattoo, all black, 7 years old. I am considering removing it but I am really afraid of not getting it all gone. Is there any major... READ MORE

Can my New Cover Up Tattoo Be Removed? (photo)

I had a small black tattoo that was about 5 years old. Long story short I went to a guy who I trust who has done a few other of my tattoos and he... READ MORE

Are some tattoos not removable? I'm a 35 year old female, non smoker. Just finished my 10th laser removal session.

I just finished my 10th session of laser removal with the Quanta Q C Plus Laser. It is absolutely lightened but it is just not as "removed" as I was... READ MORE

How many sessions to remove 3 year old, 3 inch long tattoo, deep black ink?

Long story short, its a black Celtic key (words intertwined), 3 inches long, and 1 inch wide on the outside of my ankle. I made an appointment for a... READ MORE

Excision on approx 2x2 inch tattoo on ankle?

I have a much hated and very new tattoo above my ankle it's about two inches by two inches, red and black. I am very depressed and would like to have... READ MORE

Can I get tattoo excision on my leg? (Photo)

I have a tattoo on the right side of my right leg. About two inches from the ankle. I need a small part of it removed immediately for employment... READ MORE

Do you think this tattoo can be fully removed? It was just done yesterday, is it better to wait to try to remove it? (Photo)

The tattoo goes around my entire ankle. There is a lot of green which based on my research seems hard to completely remove. READ MORE

Is it possible to remove my tattoo front my foot/ankle? (photo)

Because of the darkness, how many treatments would it take on average? READ MORE

How long should I wait to have my tattoo removed and will my skin color affect the results? (Photo)

I got it done in black ink, yesterday on my ankle and it is no more than 1.5 by 1.5 inches. I am a dark skinned black woman and don't want to damage... READ MORE

I got a rose tattoo last June it started swelling a couple months later. Now it's scabbed and painful. (Photo)

Will I need to get it removed or will it ever heal on its own? If I need it removed what does that mean. It's on my ankle. How painful is it? READ MORE

I have a very large blister (bullae) on my ankle post tattoo removal treatment. How long until the blister shrinks?

I had my laser treatment 5 days ago (Q Switched laser) and the blister, while not painful, is not shrinking. It actually looks like it's gotten bigger... READ MORE

Can my ankle tattoo be removed?

I have a rose tattoo on my right ankle. It's red, black, and a small bit of green. I don't have pictures but it's maybe 4-6 inches long. I want it... READ MORE

Laser or excision on small ankle tattoo? (Photo)

I'd like to have these words removed, I'd prefer excision due to it taking less time but am not opposed to laser. It's new, black, very fine lines and... READ MORE

Home remedies for fading a tattoo?

I recently got a tattoo of a triangle on my ankle. Its only small. It came out darker than I thought, and I was wondering if there is a safe way of... READ MORE

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