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What are the realistic chances and costs of this tattoo being lazer removed? Size is 6x3 inches (Photo)

I recently got this tattoo on my forearm, it's really well done but as soon as it was complete i regreted it completely. Im 18 years old and I've... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Remove This 6X3" Tattoo Off my Arm?

So i made a very stupid mistake, i got this tattoo thinking it was going to make me feel so good about myself. i know i should have thought about it... READ MORE

Is One Quick and Effective Tattoo Removal Session a Good Idea?

I am a 22 year old male with a name tattoo "SHAUN," 20cm long and 3cm wide, on my forearm for about more or less 2 years. I had a consult... READ MORE

Is This Tattoo a Good Candidate for Excision Removal? (photo)

I just got inked... and I regret it. There's a story, but the bottom line is that I wasn't in the right emotional state when I got it. My question is... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Forearm Question (photo)

So iv came to a decision on removing my forearm tattoo, although it holds great meaning to me, I regret the placement, lesson learnt for sure.... READ MORE

I Have a Few Questions About the Lazer Removal of a Tattoo? (photo)

My questions are: will my age be a factor in the removal as my skin is still young? (im 19) will the thin black lines in this tattoo break up faster... READ MORE

Can I Remove a New Tattoo (Maori Style)? (photo)

During a trip in new zealand i get a tattoo on my arm (i was drunk...) . I have regrets and i want remove it. Do you think i can totally remove it?... READ MORE

Laser tattoo removal on very tanned skin, is it safe and will it work?

Is it safe to use a Revlite laser on tanned skin? I am going on a trip,and will get aproximately 2,5 months of sun exposure, so i'll be very tan. I am... READ MORE

Excision tattoo removal or laser tattoo removal for calf (lower leg) tattoo? (Photo)

I got my rose tattoo when I turned 19, I'm 21I'm just disappointed with the way it looks now. I may think it looks huge but other people might think... READ MORE

i have a 5 day tattoo that an artist ruined,now i only have the black ink and some red lines on my chest shoulder to shoulder.

How many laser treatments will i need to remove it all.i am 22 i dont smoke or do any kind of drugs and i heald in the first 4 days of my tatto being... READ MORE

Will my tattoo removal leave a scar? (photos)

Hello i am 24 and would like to know if i am going to have a scar left .i am doing a tattoo removal and i already had 3 treatments .this is a photo 2... READ MORE

I got this rose tattoo a month ago. Can this tattoo be removed? (photo)

This is the tattoo i got a month ago. its a rose. i got it to cover a hernia scar that i have had since the age of 4 years old im now 21. and was very... READ MORE

How many laser tattoo removal sessions should it take to remove my inner wrist tattoo? (photos)

I got this tattoo in August 2012 when I was 18 and vclearly not making good decisions. Is it possible to have this tattoo removed because of its's... READ MORE

Is my tattoo too colorful to remove? (photos)

I'm 21 years old, my tattoo is 2 months old on my forearm. I went to a consult and they told me they recommend not treating this tattoo or doing a... READ MORE

Tattoo removal, please help me (Photo)

Hello everyone :) I'm 24, & I got these rosary beads done in 2014 around my left wristc, I want it all gone besides my last name in the inside of... READ MORE

How should I remove the tattoo? (Photos)

I got this tattoo done when I was 18, Im now 22 and want tô remove it. The tattoo hasnt been retouched and faded due tô sun exposure. The pin up is c... READ MORE

I just got a little tattoo it's like the size of palm how soon can I get it removed

I got a tatto 2 days ago and I regret it and I want it off my body. I'm 18 and just want it gone. How long do I have to wait to get it removed READ MORE

Can this tattoo be excised? I got it to cover a hernia scar from a belly button surgery when i was little im 21 now

I want to do laser but ive been told by several laser techs that my skin type and the colors in my tattoo are really risky and if its not to... READ MORE

Could I have surgery to create a new belly button and remove my tattoo from my stomach? (Photo)

I had a 2 hernia surgerys on my belly button when i was 8months old im now 21 the doctors did one surgery and messed up my belly button and then did... READ MORE

Will having lyme disease significantly affect laser tattoo removal treatments?

At the age of 16 I was diagnosed with lyme disease and have had a couple flare ups over the past couple of years. I am currently 23 and looking into... READ MORE

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