Aftercare + Tattoo Removal

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How to proper care after each laser treatment on tattoo removal?

Got First Session, put bandage over it, told me to cover it only for 2 days (and Not to put water and heat), After 2 days, remove the bandage and put... READ MORE

Aftercare Tattoo Removal with Q Switch? (photo)

I had my first session of tattoo removal yest using the q switch laser & I'm unsure of how to care of it until it heals? It's on the back of my... READ MORE

What is the Best Aftercare for Laser Tattoo Removal?

Should i keep it bandaged in any way? what is the best way to take care of newly lasered skin. READ MORE

Best aftercare for laser tattoo removal?

I've seen quite a few questions on this but not an answer to what I'm looking for. Today is day 3 after my first session, so after removing my... READ MORE

I'm nervous about the aftercare instructions that were given to me by my dr, can you please give me your best advice? (photo)

My aftercare instructions are as follows... I left with nothing on my arms. No bandage, nothing. This is approx. an hour ago 1. Put nothing on... READ MORE

Picosure for tattoo removal, bright red spots and bleeding. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my third picosure session two days ago. I'm concerned the reaction is not normal. I had a good amount of bleeding there are fairly large bright... READ MORE

Best aftercare?

I've noticed that many people receive different aftercare instructions after being treated by lasers for tattoo removal. Just wondering what you have... READ MORE

Tattoo removal aftercare, please?

Hey, I recently did my first tattoo removal session and I was wondering what are the aftercares? My doctor told me but I forgot to ask her a few... READ MORE

How bad is it that I started my tattoo removal too soon?

I got my tattoo 10 days ago, and started laser removal today. I did some research and the place I went seemed very professional and knowledgable with... READ MORE

Tattoo removal aftercare: I had tattoo removal and large blisters showed.

I got sent to the medical doctor, he immediately popped them and cleaned it, then dressed it up. Question will this affect the removal? reasons not to... READ MORE

I had laser tattoo removal 4 days ago. What's the best aftercare?

Hi! I had laser tattoo removal 4 days ago. I don't know what is the best aftercare? The Doctor only said that put on antibiotic cream. But how many... READ MORE

What is the best aftercare regimen for scars from Tattoo Removal?

I have some significant scarring, and have been using Aquaphor and cocoa butter for post-treatment moisturizers. Is there anything else that you... READ MORE

Laser tattoo aftercare?

I have had my first tattoo removal 3 days ago(Q-switched laser).The doctor gave me a little amount of an antibiotic cream to use once& told me that... READ MORE

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