1 Week Post-op + Tattoo Removal

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5 Days After Having Tattoo Removal It's Really Red Around the Area, is It Normal?

5 Days After Having Tattoo Removal It's Really Red Around the Area, is It Normal? READ MORE

Light Brown Tattoo turning red? (photo)

The situation. I went to one treatment center for my first 3 sessions (all spaced between 6-8 wks) and the Dr. did not want to touch the light brown... READ MORE

Can I exercise after Tattoo removal?

Hello, Its been exactly 7 days after 1st treatment. The swelling has gone done. (on my hip & upper back below neck) blisters are gone as well. Its now... READ MORE

Can Laser Tattoo Removal Cause Post Inflammatory Erythema? (photo)

I had my second laser tattoo removal session 7 days ago. The areas of lighter black shading seemed to have turned red. It would appear a lot of blood... READ MORE

Extremely itchy after tattoo removal, lotions and creams are not working. What can you suggest to give me some relief?

Just over a week ago I got my first session of laser tattoo removal over three rather large sites on both of my forearms and my left hand. Everything... READ MORE

Tattoo removal using a switch laser - what can I expect?

Just had my first session. It bled a LOT! There was minimal blistering and it now appears darker. Will the colours continue to fade over the next few... READ MORE

1 week in and this is currently my leg, I'm worried it's infected. What should I do? (Photo)

There is a lot of puss and bleeding from around the area, my leg is swollen and is also very red and it is now painful to walk , the women seems to... READ MORE

Should laser tattoo removal result in large wounds? (Photo)

I am 30, it has been 9 days since my 1st removal session on a lower back tattoo I have had over a decade. I have been taking good care of it but I'm... READ MORE

Brown spots all over my tattoo a week after my first session laser removal. What's causing this? (Photo)

Hello, i just had my first laser removal treatment about a week ago, and now it looks alot darker, and I'm having brown spots all over the shading. READ MORE

Bad bleeding and blistering. Can I have your advice please? (Photo)

Hi...5 days ago I had my laser done for the 2nd time to removed my tattoo but this time it bleeds a lot and out of my tattoo I developed big... READ MORE

After Tattoo Removal Pain? (photo)

I had my first session using the q switch laser 7 days ago. The tattoo is vertical on the back of my neck, the last couple days I have noticed the... READ MORE

What Cream Stops Scarring After Rejuvie Tatoo Removal on Eyebrows?

Its been under a week after treatment. my eyebrows are very scabby with what looks like black ink coming out.they feel very tight and am worried that... READ MORE

I went for my first laser tattoo removal and I haven't experienced any scabbing or blistering. I was wondering if its normal?

I went for my first session last Thursday and so far I've only experienced some swelling and discomfort. And I can see that the shading has gotten... READ MORE

Tattoo removal on foot 5 days ago. Get terrible pain when standing.

I had laser tattoo removal done on top of my foot. 1st tx. It blistered and now feels dry. My concern is when I go from a sitting/lying position to my... READ MORE

Returning to the gym after having a tattoo removed by surgical excision?

I had a a tattoo removed from the side of my hip by surgical excision 7 days ago. Originally the skin on my hip was very tight but not so much now. I... READ MORE

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