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Sunscreen Vs. Sunblock - What's the Difference?

When people talk about physical sunblock and chemical sunscreens, I don't understand how they are different.  Which one works better?  READ MORE

What's the Best Sunscreen?

Hope you can give me tips on what are the most effective sunscreens.  Sunscreens are expensive so your help is very appreciated. READ MORE

Best Sunscreen for Acne-prone Skin?

I'm using Benzaclin on my face to treat acne. I live in the desert, what's the best sunscreen for my acne-prone skin? READ MORE

Best Sunscreen for Men?

One that has all the protection necessary when using lightening products (hydroquinone), but wont be too shiny or heavy? Brands? and how often should... READ MORE

Recommended Physical Sunscreen?

I like the protection of physical blockers but all the zinc and titanium oxide sunscreens are so thick and pasty. Are there any with a... READ MORE

Is it ok to use both physical and chemical sunscreen at the same time?

I use sunscreen right before I go out. Should I use one or the other or may I combine? Which one should be used first? READ MORE

Can I Use Spf 50 on an Everyday Basis?

Hi i actually have sunscreen that im using right now its utrasheer pure mild sunscreen spf50(by neutrogena) it says it has zinc oxide and titanium... READ MORE

Why is Sunscreen Important?

Why is sunscreen important? Why do a person need to use sunscreen? READ MORE

Comparison of Effectiveness Between Cream Sunscreens And That In Makeup?

I have sensitive skin and have been using a sunblock w/zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and a whole list of other ingredients but I feel like it's... READ MORE

Does Sunscreen Work over Makeup?

For touch ups during the day when I dont' have time to wash everything off and reapply? READ MORE

Can I use sunblock on top of hydrocortisone cream?

My doctor prescribed 2.5% hydrocortisone cream for some small red, itchy spots on my cheek and told me to use it twice a day. Can I use sunscreen on... READ MORE

Can I substitute my regular sunscreen( Spf 50) with makeup (cc cream) containing spf 50 ? (photo)

I usually get tan really quickly, which is why i always wear sunscreen with a minimum spf of 50. I first apply my moisturizer, then my sunscreen, and... READ MORE

Can I put cornstarch on my face 30 minutes after applying my sunscreen?

I know it's weird, i'm taking desperate measure on this just to control the greasiness that my sunscreen gives me (I'm using NEUTROGENA ULTRA SHEER... READ MORE

Does Shea Butter by itself work as a natural sunblock/sunscreen?

I like to use natural products as much as possible and read online that shea butter is a great sunscreen alternative. Is that true? READ MORE

Is it possible to block 100% UB Rays when out in the sun, with sunscreen alone? (no hat)

I have longstanding melasma that has been resistent to treatment. I'm obsessed about avoiding the sun. However on the occasions that must, I wear a... READ MORE

Can I use sunblock on daily basis rather than using sunscreen?

I use sunscreen but still get tanned.does the sunblock help me to stop getting tanned.i have an acne prones skin.please suggest me some good sunblock... READ MORE

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