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What is the best way to treat solar brown spots on arms, legs, back, hands, face, lip?

What type of treatment work best for solar brown spots on the arms, legs, shoulders, decolletage, hands, face, and lip? Can the same type of laser be... READ MORE

How can I treat sun damage to forearms?

I'm a 44 yo female & have hyper/hypopigmentation on my forearms. My skin pleats when I bend my arm (see pic). I also have crepey skin here and... READ MORE

Can I get rid of the areas of sun damage on my legs? (Photos)

I have numerous areas of sun damage on my legs. I have tried the lamprobe as well as acids to get rid of them but they remain. Was the treatment not... READ MORE

Eliminating and Preventing Sun Damage

What are the best ways to prevent previously incurred sun damage from manifesting. I have had a lot of sun damage from being a child to about my late... READ MORE

Benefits of Medium (TCA) Chemical Peel Vs CO2 Fraxel Re:pair?

Can you provide the pros and cons of doing a medium (TCA) chemical peel vs Fraxel re:pair? I am light complected with many hair line wrinkles due to... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for sun damage spots on arms and legs?

I had a melanoma on my calf removed in 2012. I am a 38 year old female. READ MORE

My son got a sunburn. I need to know if it needs medical attention or I can treat at home. What can a dr. do? (photo)

We weren't out very long and he wore a sun shirt most of the time, but my son got a sunburn 5 days ago. It blisters daily and when the blisters pop (... READ MORE

Reversing and or preventing sun damage or skin cancer. Any suggestions?

I come from a family that would spend all summer in the sun. I am 34 years old and there was a period in my early 20's where I spent all spring and... READ MORE

What's the best result for getting rid of sun damage? (photos)

I have a decent amount of sun damage. What is the best treatment for removing sun damage? Something I don't have to do multiple times. READ MORE

Is IPL the best treatment best treatment for sun damage on face and under eyes?

My circles are not from hollow tear troughs but are a redish/purplish color which appear as a cluster of tiny broken capillaries when i look in a... READ MORE

What laser or treatment is best for removing mild sun damage?

I believe I have a few spots from the sun. I would like prettier skin. I am 24. What treatment do you suggest? READ MORE

Sun Damage: large, dark "sun spot" lower left cheek. Are there any treatments to target this spot only? (photo)

Beach Baby raised in USVI. I'm now 63 & very active outdoors. I perspire SO PROFUSELY! A tinted moisturizer works for me but not for a large... READ MORE

I have sun damage and scars on face; what is the most effective treatment & fastest?

I have sun damage and scars on my face. What is the most effective treatment and the most fast. If so can you name a few. Thank you! READ MORE

Do I have Sun poisoning or just a sunburn? Also how do I treat it correctly ? Can I expose myself to the sun? (photo)

I was in the pool 2 days ago and until yesterday morning I noticed that my skin was burning a lot. Today that I woke up I felt my skin burning more... READ MORE

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