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What is the most sufficient way to improve my sun damaged skin? I'm only 36yrs old. (photo)

As you see on my picture I have 2 white spots on my forehead. Major skin discoloration. Acne had it all my life its worse around my periods. I'm still... READ MORE

Does sunscreen prevent previous sun damage from appearing or only prevent additional sun damage?

As a fair-skinned person born in the early 80s, I'm fairly certain I've received more sun damage in the first 17 years of my life than most. However,... READ MORE

Which Screen Cream is Good for Dark Skin?

I need an everyday sunscreen, am from Africa and don't know which one will work for my skin type. I tried Aveeno but it makes my eyes watery. Thanks READ MORE

Should I Wait After Applying Sunscreen Before Sun Exposure?

Hi i wear sunscreen whenever i am outside. mostly a spf 30. i wear one with synthetic sunscreen ingredients in it instead of a mineral one and its... READ MORE

Is it okay to go out without sunscreen in South Asian countries?

One dermatologist suggests me not to use sunscreen as sunscreen is not for our weather. I am 27 years old female from Bangladesh. I use sunscreen... READ MORE

Tried microneedling and it didn't do much... What's the best treatment for sunspots?

Microneedling over a 3 month session at the derm's office (3 sessions total) gave me better skin in general, but it didn't do much for my sunspots... READ MORE

How Long is a Physical Sunblock Effective Before It Needs to Be Reapplied?

How often must I reapply a zinc oxide/titanium dioxide sunscreen? READ MORE

Is Sunscreen on the Face Enough in Arizona?

Is sunscreen on the face enough to combat the harsh rays in Arizona? (while going about every day life activities on a daily basis when sun avoidance... READ MORE

How do I get rid of permanent sun damage? I've tried all home remedies and over the counter creams but nothing has worked.

I am bi-racial and I was born very fair-skinned (example photo 1). The doctor told my mom to put both sunblock AND sunscreen on me on sunny days, so... READ MORE

When should I wear sunscreen and when should I reapply it?

If I'm staying inside all day or most of the day should I apply sunscreen? And if so, how often should I reapply. I feel like it's a bit unnecessary... READ MORE

How to stop skin from getting darker from the sun?

How to Stop Skin From Getting Darker From the Sun with a sunscreen lotion READ MORE

Steps to take to mitigate long term damages of sunburn and skin discoloration?

Today I got a little sunburned on my back where I missed applying with my sunscreen. Nothing on the scale of blistering or discomfort; just red and... READ MORE

Is my skin routine good enough?

I use timeless vitamin c e ferulic acid serum beneath blue lizard sunscreen face/sensitive in morning. Exfoliate and do skin masks thrice a week. At... READ MORE

I'm Asian and wear sunscreen year round. I would like to know which kind are most effective?

There is so many different sunscreens out there. What are some of the best sunscreens available? READ MORE

Accutane Sunburn on Olive Skin. What can I do for my current extremely dark face?

(Face v. Dark and inflamed - Permanant? Suggestions) Hello, I'm on day 45 Roaccutane and have been using spf 50+ everytime i go out but had... READ MORE

What does it mean when liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy) fails to remove a sunspot? (photos)

I'm 34 yrs old & diligent with sunscreen. Recently, a faint 'sun spot' on my cheek, surfaced a pinkish/red. I saw a dermatologist who gave a... READ MORE

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