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What Can Be Done for Redness on Chest?

I have a red chest 24/7. It started about 5 years ago. I am 48 years old, light skinned. I stopped sun bathing 3 years ago and now I'm religious at... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Moderate Sun Damage?

My Dr. has recommended Edufex but I have very sensitive, thin skin and am wondering if there is a better procedure for me? I am 60 years old and... READ MORE

How to remove sunburn and sun tan caused by years under the sun?

My face is darker than my body because i didn't put any sunscreen over 4 years and i started noticing it and its really bothering me because every... READ MORE

What can I do to treat a severe sunburn on the back of my back? (photos)

Was under the sun in Miami upon returning home I realied how bad of a burn I got. Alovera makes it irritate. READ MORE

I got a sunburn and it appeared to have done visible damage to the skin on my nose? Will it go away? Or is it permanent? (photo)

I got a sunburn yesterday. I'm fair skin and don't usually go out in the sun (I put on spf cream) I've gotten a sunburn one other time last year and... READ MORE

Best Way to Cure or Heal Sun-damaged Facial Skin?

I am a US Latina citizen from Costa Rica. On a visit there a few years back, I recieved a severe sunburn that caused a big brown spot on both of my... READ MORE

Are skin tags after sunburn something to be worried about?

I have 2 small (what I believe to be) skin tags on my cheekbones after some minor sunburn 2 weeks ago. It's been about a week since I noticed them and... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Repair or Treat Sun Damaged Skin?

This past summer I went on vacation to Myrtle Beach, and while there and prior to going there I was on Epiduo and taking Doxycycline for acne purposes... READ MORE

Sunburnt lip went numb and isn't regaining feeling. Any suggestions? (photos)

I sunburnt my upper lip 2 weeks ago so bad it blistered and triggered massive cold sores. When the cold sores first started appearing, my my upper lip... READ MORE

Sun Burn (or damage?) not faded at all in 9 months and excessive discoloration. Any suggestions?

I visited many places during summer 2015 and had not applied any protection to avoid sun burn. Now it hasn't faded at all and I really want to get rid... READ MORE

Can anything help sunburned skin texture after 3 months? (Photo)

I got sunburnt whilst sunbathing without sun screen and clothing on my chest. It has been 3 months since the sunbathing. The redness is gone. I went... READ MORE

I got a sunburn 9 days ago. It was on my shoulders, back and chest area. It was very painful and red and I had blisters. Advice?

The sunburn on my back and shoulders no longer hurts and is peeling at this point. The burns to my chest however are not getting any better. I had a... READ MORE

Am I allergic to the sun? Or is it a heat rash? Or is it just a type of sunburn? (photos)

Yesterday I went sun bathing for about 4 hours, and I was out all day in the sun today. I started itching on my chest around noon this afternoon. Now... READ MORE

I want to know if these sunburn blisters will go away as my skin peels

I have had sunburn two days now it feels alot better. I can move my arms with no burn. I am starting to peel so will they go away with it? READ MORE

My son got a sunburn. I need to know if it needs medical attention or I can treat at home. What can a dr. do? (photo)

We weren't out very long and he wore a sun shirt most of the time, but my son got a sunburn 5 days ago. It blisters daily and when the blisters pop (... READ MORE

I've been sunburnt so many times, I'm bound to suffer when I get older. What can I do to prevent that damage from 'showing up'?

I have pale skin, and I've been sun burnt A LOT over the years. I'm still young, but I know that in some years this sun burnt past will cause... READ MORE

What should I do about a severe sunburn blister on my foot? (photos)

I have a rather large blister on my foot from a sunburn. I drained it once because it got so large and painful. Less than 24 hours later, it filled... READ MORE

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