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Best Treatment for Brown Sun Spots?

I have many brown sun spots on my cheekbones and surrounding area. What would be the best course of treatment for this problem? READ MORE

Skin Sun Damage: How to Treat It?

I am 37 and have skin sun damage all over my arms, hands, face. is there any way to treat my skin to return former spot-free self? READ MORE

How to Treat Sun Damaged Skin and Still Enjoy the Sun

HELP - I'm 45 with minimal wrinkles but have the dreaded sun spots. They are not bad but being a blonde with fair skin and not exactly wearing a ton... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Sunspots (Cryotherapy, Laser Resurfacing, Chemical Peels, Etc.)?

How do these procedures compare in terms of results, recovery time, and cost? READ MORE

What is the best method for removing sun spots from my cheeks and nose?

In my mid 30's now and I have many sun spots on my cheeks and nose. What type of laser, peel or other method is best to get rid of these for good and... READ MORE

Removing Sunspots with Liquid Nitrogen?

Hi I am looking for a doctor in the Pasadena area that will remove sunspots from my face with liquid nitrogen. I have Kaiser insurance and they won't... READ MORE

I have sun spots on my legs and wonder which treatment or laser would be best to address this?

Wondering if there would be a difference between treating these age spots on legs and arms vs. on one's face. READ MORE

What's the most effective treatment for facial sun spots?

What is the most effective treatment for facial sun spots, and what is the best cream to prevent them besides SPF? READ MORE

Best treatment for Retinol-resistant age and sun spot? Any laser solutions? (Photo)

I am a 30 year old Asian with a resistant sunspot on my cheek. I have tried Tretinoin and Hydroquinone 4% cream for about 3 months with no improvement... READ MORE

How to remove sun or age spots around the eye area?

I have age spots and had surgery in the corner of my eye where the dark spots are, how will whatever way I go effect the surgery I had done? My skin... READ MORE

How to Treat Dark Spot from Sun Burn?

I have medium brown skin. This past weekend I went camping and got sunburn. But today, I noticed that I a darker spot next to my right side on my lip.... READ MORE

Most Effective Treatment for Sunspots on Legs?

I am desperate to remove the sunspots on my legs. I tried IPL with no results. I went to a different dr. who said it probably wasn't done aggressively... READ MORE

How to get rid of sun spots on the legs? (photos)

Thank you in advance. I have sun spots (lentigo?) on my legs, they are slightly raised/dry and as you can see get very dark with fake tan... Ugh. Not... READ MORE

Can sun spots on legs be removed?

My lower legs have horrible looking sun spots. What can be done to either get rid of them completely, or at least diminish their appearance? READ MORE

Will Over-the-Counter Sun Spot Removers Remove my Freckles?

I am fair and freckled and have noticed sun spots developing on my face though I'm not even 30. I spent a few summers as a kid out in the pool and... READ MORE

Eliminating and Preventing Sun Damage

What are the best ways to prevent previously incurred sun damage from manifesting. I have had a lot of sun damage from being a child to about my late... READ MORE

Is this hyperpigmentation permanent after cryotherapy for sun spots?

I had a sunspot on my upper cheek removed via cryotherapy about 4 months ago. I am now left with defined redness/hyperpigmentation in the area where... READ MORE

How to get rid of unsightly sun damage on legs?

I have many sun spots, dark spots, freckles and sun damage from many years of tanning. I now use high SPF when I'm out in the sun. But is there... READ MORE

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