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Skin Sun Damage: How to Treat It?

I am 37 and have skin sun damage all over my arms, hands, face. is there any way to treat my skin to return former spot-free self? READ MORE

Cosmelan Vs IPL for Sun Damage?

The medical director of the medspa I frequent recommended IPL for the hyperpigmentation and sun damage on my decollette.  But I have also heard... READ MORE

Does the Pixel Laser Work on Sun Damage?

I have a lot of brown spots and freckles from sun damage and I was wondering what laser would best to get rid of them.  Is the Pixel laser a good... READ MORE

How to Treat Sun Damaged Skin and Still Enjoy the Sun

HELP - I'm 45 with minimal wrinkles but have the dreaded sun spots. They are not bad but being a blonde with fair skin and not exactly wearing a ton... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Sunspots (Cryotherapy, Laser Resurfacing, Chemical Peels, Etc.)?

How do these procedures compare in terms of results, recovery time, and cost? READ MORE

Treatment Options for Sun Damaged Arms and Chest

Hi! I lived in Spain for six years and spent a lot of time enjoying an outdoor lifestyle. On returning back to the U.K., I noticed a change in the... READ MORE

How to Restore Dull Skin from Sun Damage?

Hi, my name is Simar. My skin was very good once but now it's very dull because I'm very sporty and have to play under the sun. How can I get my... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Moderate Sun Damage?

My Dr. has recommended Edufex but I have very sensitive, thin skin and am wondering if there is a better procedure for me? I am 60 years old and... READ MORE

What is the best course of action for treating and repairing my turkey neck?

I am 46, fair skinned, I do a lot of gardening but always wear sunscreen 30+,but before the slip,slop,slap rule came in we didn't use sunscreen. The... READ MORE

What can be done to repair years of sun damage to arms?

I am 44 yrs old and have wrinkly crepey skin inside my arm bends and forearms. I work out so the muscle is toned but the skin seems to be failing!... READ MORE

How to Treat Dark Spot from Sun Burn?

I have medium brown skin. This past weekend I went camping and got sunburn. But today, I noticed that I a darker spot next to my right side on my lip.... READ MORE

Best Way to Cure or Heal Sun-damaged Facial Skin?

I am a US Latina citizen from Costa Rica. On a visit there a few years back, I recieved a severe sunburn that caused a big brown spot on both of my... READ MORE

How to Treat Sun Damage on African American Skin?

My face and neck have became darker due to sun exposure. What can I do to get my natural skin tone back? Does microdermabrasion, chemical peels or IPL... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Lines/wrinkles Caused by Too Much Sun Damage on the Back of Neck?

I have had exstensive sun damage from my time of working on the land in Australia. I have fair skin and wrinkles (or more like deep lines) that run... READ MORE

Treatment for Dark Facial Discoloration Due to Sun Damage?

I'm only 15 but my face has been darker than my body for 4 years because of the sun. I know that bleaching creams are really bad for your body, what... READ MORE

Tips to Rewind Sun Damage for Sensitive Skin

I'm 27 yrs. old, and i'm starting to see wrinkles when i smile, especially around my cheeks and eyes. i've been taking really good care of my skin... READ MORE

Heliocare Supplements for Sun Damage Protection?

I have read a lot recently about the supplement Heliocare that supposedly helps to protect the skin from sun damage. Do you recommend this to your... READ MORE

Dermanyl As Alternative to Renova?

Hi! Can you tell me how Dermanyl works? I have been using RENOVA cream but I have a very dry skin around my chin that makes me break out in a rash... READ MORE

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