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I have lots of brown sun spots all over my upper chest from years in the sun. What is the best way to get rid of them?

Could you tell me the best way to get rid of a large and dense area of many brown sun spots that have been there for many years from sun exposure. I... READ MORE

Sun Damage From Teen Years, Now 40s. Options?

Is it too late to do anything to repair sun damage from sunburns in my teens? i am now in my forties.thank you READ MORE

Asian Skin Discoloration from Sun Exposure

I had too much sun exposure when i was younger, and as a result, my face is now red and darker than my extremely pale smooth skin on my back,... READ MORE

Best treatment for Retinol-resistant age and sun spot? Any laser solutions? (Photo)

I am a 30 year old Asian with a resistant sunspot on my cheek. I have tried Tretinoin and Hydroquinone 4% cream for about 3 months with no improvement... READ MORE

Brown Spots

So I got sunburned recently, not too badly. Usually when this happens it goes away within the next few days and im left nice and tan. This time about... READ MORE

Is this sun damage? What would mostly help with these? (Photo)

All these lines around my eyes/cheek, are very fine lines, but my goodness, when I smile, they are all visible, I'm just a face full of lines at 34.... READ MORE

How to remove sun or age spots around the eye area?

I have age spots and had surgery in the corner of my eye where the dark spots are, how will whatever way I go effect the surgery I had done? My skin... READ MORE

18 year old man. Treatment for sun damaged skin?

I'm a 18 year old man, due to over exposure to sun my face is tanned to a very large extent, my skin color has become very dark. I tried many suntan... READ MORE

I have a ton of sun damage on my arms and legs. What are my best options for removal? (Photo)

Ive been trying to lighten and remove these spots for years. So far ipl did nothing for me. Ive done 2 Cutera Excel treatments and I got some... READ MORE

I really want glowing, flawless skin on my face & body. I'm very fair with blonde hair. I have pigmentation & sun damage

Which treatment would be better for me? It is also very important to me that I can get my face and body treated as I don't want a flawless face and... READ MORE

Sun damage - brown and white patches. How do it treat this?

I am 23, Im from India recently moved to USA for study. This is the first time I ever had a sunburn on my forehead cheeks and around my lips it lasted... READ MORE

Does Sun Cause Red Blood Spots on Lips?

I have 2 small blood spots on my lips, I think they might be caused by sun exposure because I notice alot of women in Florida have them. What causes... READ MORE

Bad Premature Sun Damage/Fine Lines Under Eyes

I am 25, but have extreme sun damage from years spent unprotected in the sun. I now wear SPF 50 daily and avoid the sun like the plague,but have an... READ MORE

Should I See Improvement After Broadband Light Treament 8 Days Later?

I had broadband light treatment done to my severely sun damaged arms and hands 8 days ago. Most (not all) of the spots got darker as I was told they... READ MORE

I have small white dots on my forehead. Is this sun damage or something else? Is it reversible? How can I treat it? (Photo)

-This has been present for about a year. -The spots had a slight texture when they first appeared, but are now smooth. -The spots don't have clear... READ MORE

Why do my hands naturally tan so much darker than my arm? Is there anything I can do to stop it or even it out? (Photo)

About 6 years ago, I noticed that my hands started to get very, very tan every summer. Whereas, the rest of my body does not. I've never been one to... READ MORE

Benefits of Medium (TCA) Chemical Peel Vs CO2 Fraxel Re:pair?

Can you provide the pros and cons of doing a medium (TCA) chemical peel vs Fraxel re:pair? I am light complected with many hair line wrinkles due to... READ MORE

How to Laser or Even out Bronzing Skin/sun Damage on Lower Arms?

How to laser or even out bronzing skin/sun damage on lower arms? thanks Nikki READ MORE

I'm 66 years old, w/fair, freckled skin. I have a few raised spots on my nose which become irritated & look like pimples.

My dermatologist called this sun damage, wanted to ZAP these spots with chemicals in an aerosole can. I put off this procedure, as I wasn't ready for... READ MORE

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