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Skin Sun Damage: How to Treat It?

I am 37 and have skin sun damage all over my arms, hands, face. is there any way to treat my skin to return former spot-free self? READ MORE

Treatment for Sun Damage, Acne, Scars, and Visible Veins?

I am 33 and have significant sun damage from wakeboarding. In addition to fine lines and wrinkles, I have patchy light brown areas below my eyes. I... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat solar brown spots on arms, legs, back, hands, face, lip?

What type of treatment work best for solar brown spots on the arms, legs, shoulders, decolletage, hands, face, and lip? Can the same type of laser be... READ MORE

What's the most effective treatment for facial sun spots?

What is the most effective treatment for facial sun spots, and what is the best cream to prevent them besides SPF? READ MORE

How to remove sunburn and sun tan caused by years under the sun?

My face is darker than my body because i didn't put any sunscreen over 4 years and i started noticing it and its really bothering me because every... READ MORE

18 year old man. Treatment for sun damaged skin?

I'm a 18 year old man, due to over exposure to sun my face is tanned to a very large extent, my skin color has become very dark. I tried many suntan... READ MORE

What is This on my Face? Is it a blister maybe? (photo)

I think it's from far too much sun exposure I got at the beach, as I did get quite sunburnt. Is it a blister maybe? READ MORE

I have dark spots on my face from years of prior sun exposure. What can I use to help even my skin tone?

I cover them with make-up, but as the day wears on and the make-up wears off they become very noticeable. What can I use that will help even my skin tone. READ MORE

Best Way to Cure or Heal Sun-damaged Facial Skin?

I am a US Latina citizen from Costa Rica. On a visit there a few years back, I recieved a severe sunburn that caused a big brown spot on both of my... READ MORE

How to Remove Sun Spots

What do you recommend for spots on the face resulting from sun exposure to a cream applied. The cream is intended to remove spots.The name and type of... READ MORE

Can I Put Sunblock to my Eye Contour?

Hello , I am 26 years old , I use "ISIS pharma UVE Block 50+ fluid tented" or "Photoderm 100 milky" They are very helpful in my face and body , Can... READ MORE

Astro Cort hydrocortisone cream USP 1℅

Can the above mentioned cream be used for sunburnt skin og my face? READ MORE

How can I reverse years of sunburn after having never used any sort of sun protection? I am now 26 years old. (Photo)

My face, neck and lower back visibly or way darker than the rest of my body with my chest being the lightest with faint dark and light brown markings.... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Remove Spots From Sun Damage at Home? (photo)

Is There Any Other Way to Remove Specks from Sun Damage Face if There is No Doctor Cream or ... READ MORE

I am allergic to either Hydroquinone or the Sodium Metabisulfite that is used in Hydroquinone (over 4% creams). Any suggestion?

Hello. I am allergic to either Hydroquinone or the Sodium Metabisulfite that is used in Hydroquinone (over 4% creams). I have dark olive skin and am... READ MORE

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