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Best Treatment for Brown Sun Spots?

I have many brown sun spots on my cheekbones and surrounding area. What would be the best course of treatment for this problem? READ MORE

What is the best way to treat solar brown spots on arms, legs, back, hands, face, lip?

What type of treatment work best for solar brown spots on the arms, legs, shoulders, decolletage, hands, face, and lip? Can the same type of laser be... READ MORE

Brown Spots

So I got sunburned recently, not too badly. Usually when this happens it goes away within the next few days and im left nice and tan. This time about... READ MORE

Sun Damage Treatment for Teens?

I am 17 years old and I have these dark circular brown spots on my face. Think it might be sun damage. How can I fade them or get rid of them that... READ MORE

I Need Good Whitening Cream?

I am 25 years old ,my skin is oily,brown and have dark spots mabye because I expose alot to sun READ MORE

Will Picato (ingenol mebutate) gel also get rid of brown spots?

I will soon start 3-day treatment with Picato (ingenol mebutate) gel for actinic keratosis on my chest. Will this treatment also help to clear brown... READ MORE

53 y/o former sun worshipper with various repercussions - ready to treat the damage.

I have several AK's, brown/red spots, broken capillaries, papular rosacea, enlarged pores, and other patchy areas (dermatitis maybe?) Levulan Blu-U... READ MORE

48 y/o male Skin type 4 - Sun damage - pigmentation on neck - broken capillaries on nose - red blotchy chest, advice? (photos)

48 year old caucasian male lived beach lifestyle Australia entire life. I think Im closest to skin type 4. Id like treatment for brown pigmentation... READ MORE

Is there a way to remove or reverse brown spots/growths from sun damage?

I am 64 years old and sunbathed without protection for many years in my youth. My legs and back are covered with brown spots and growths in some areas. READ MORE

What treatment can I use for skin pigmentation caused by sun damage on outer thigh? (photos)

I have brown spots on my outer thigh due to sun damage I have gone to a dermatologist and did a biopsy. It started as a very small spot when I was 12... READ MORE

How can I tan in the sun without getting brown spots and hyperpigmentation?

Every time I try to tan my face in the sun-I end up with 3-5 new brown spots-and, with hardly any tan. I am middle eastern, so my natural color is... READ MORE

I want to know the best treatment for the below skin condition?

I am 34 years old and I have brown sun spots and damage, in addition to acne scars. What is the best treatment for this condition. READ MORE

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