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Skin Sun Damage: How to Treat It?

I am 37 and have skin sun damage all over my arms, hands, face. is there any way to treat my skin to return former spot-free self? READ MORE

I have a ton of sun damage on my arms and legs. What are my best options for removal? (Photo)

Ive been trying to lighten and remove these spots for years. So far ipl did nothing for me. Ive done 2 Cutera Excel treatments and I got some... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat solar brown spots on arms, legs, back, hands, face, lip?

What type of treatment work best for solar brown spots on the arms, legs, shoulders, decolletage, hands, face, and lip? Can the same type of laser be... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Sun Damaged Arms and Chest

Hi! I lived in Spain for six years and spent a lot of time enjoying an outdoor lifestyle. On returning back to the U.K., I noticed a change in the... READ MORE

I'm trying to get rid of freckling/sun damage on my neck and chest area, later to have my arms and perhaps legs done. (Photo)

A local plastic surgeons office recommended a series of 3 chemical peels instead of lasering. I was under the impression that this would not get rid... READ MORE

I have sun spots on my legs and wonder which treatment or laser would be best to address this?

Wondering if there would be a difference between treating these age spots on legs and arms vs. on one's face. READ MORE

How to Correct Uneven Skin Tone on Arms?

For many years I only wore 3/4 sleeve shirts causing my forearms to tan while my upper arms remained light. Now this pigmentation seems permanent, (I... READ MORE

How can I treat sun damage to forearms?

I'm a 44 yo female & have hyper/hypopigmentation on my forearms. My skin pleats when I bend my arm (see pic). I also have crepey skin here and... READ MORE

Why do my hands naturally tan so much darker than my arm? Is there anything I can do to stop it or even it out? (Photo)

About 6 years ago, I noticed that my hands started to get very, very tan every summer. Whereas, the rest of my body does not. I've never been one to... READ MORE

I Have Years of Sun Damage to my Skin and Appearance is Bad Especially on my Arms and Above my Knees, Will Thermage Improve It?

My skin on my arms especially concerns me, not the sagging bingo wings but the top side with sun damage wrinkles. I had carboxy treatment but not very... READ MORE

How to Laser or Even out Bronzing Skin/sun Damage on Lower Arms?

How to laser or even out bronzing skin/sun damage on lower arms? thanks Nikki READ MORE

What's the best treatment for sun damage spots on arms and legs?

I had a melanoma on my calf removed in 2012. I am a 38 year old female. READ MORE

Darkish non symmetrical sunspots on leg and arms.

What are the spots on my body? I am a Hispanic female in my mid-twenties with olive skin complexion. I recently went to the beach and tanned and saw... READ MORE

Are there treatment options for sun allergies or skin flushing? (Pohto)

My arms and chest and lower legs get bright red and splotchy after a few minutes of exposure to sunlight, I do not burn easily and I do not have an... READ MORE

I want to know if these sunburn blisters will go away as my skin peels

I have had sunburn two days now it feels alot better. I can move my arms with no burn. I am starting to peel so will they go away with it? READ MORE

Sun damage, white spots, sun spots on arms - what is the best method to get rid of them?

I am 37 and have ALOT of sun damage on my arms and legs. Im not concerned with removing all the freckles / sun damage but just want to make it better.... READ MORE

Sun damaged arms?

I'm 14 and I'm very light skinned. My dad has even worse skin than I do, he blisters from the sun if he's in it for even an hour and has to get shots... READ MORE

What are the best & non-surgical (low budget) ways to get rid of sun burn tans? In meaning of lightening my skin back & health.

A year ago,I went to the pool&stayed for 6hours,didn't put sunscreen,didnt have any.A few days my skin had tons of large blisters around my mid-top... READ MORE

Do rashes occur from being sunburned?

I got sunburned on my right arm. The skin peeled off like normal and then a few red bumps appeared and now a rash only on the area that was sunburned.... READ MORE

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