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What Can I Do to Remove Dark Spots?

I have dark/discolored spots on my face either from old sun damage or hormones. What can I do to remove those? READ MORE

Asian Skin Discoloration from Sun Exposure

I had too much sun exposure when i was younger, and as a result, my face is now red and darker than my extremely pale smooth skin on my back,... READ MORE

Brown Spots

So I got sunburned recently, not too badly. Usually when this happens it goes away within the next few days and im left nice and tan. This time about... READ MORE

Photosensitivity after Bactrim, is this permanent? Is there anything a doctor/we can do to resolve it?

My husband (29yo) badly sunburned his ears in late May, w/ a lot of swelling & pain. 1 week later, pus started forming/crusting. The dr prescribed... READ MORE

What can I do to treat a severe sunburn on the back of my back? (photos)

Was under the sun in Miami upon returning home I realied how bad of a burn I got. Alovera makes it irritate. READ MORE

How Can I Reverse the Effects of 5 Years of Tanning?

Between the ages of 17-22 i used a tanning-bed for 10 minutes weekly. I have naturally fair skin but wanted a tan. I now feel so angry with myself! A... READ MORE

Does Sun Cause Red Blood Spots on Lips?

I have 2 small blood spots on my lips, I think they might be caused by sun exposure because I notice alot of women in Florida have them. What causes... READ MORE

Bad Premature Sun Damage/Fine Lines Under Eyes

I am 25, but have extreme sun damage from years spent unprotected in the sun. I now wear SPF 50 daily and avoid the sun like the plague,but have an... READ MORE

White/Brown Discoloration After Peeled Sunburn (photo)

I got a sunburn on my chest 6 days ago that was severe, but did not blister. I am now left with patches of less pigmented skin where the dead skin has... READ MORE

Sunburnt lip went numb and isn't regaining feeling. Any suggestions? (photos)

I sunburnt my upper lip 2 weeks ago so bad it blistered and triggered massive cold sores. When the cold sores first started appearing, my my upper lip... READ MORE

Will These Patches From Sun Exposure Stay Forever?

Hi! My skin got exposed to sun so much about 03 months ago. After about a week, my face started to peel and then formed some whitish patches on cheeks... READ MORE

Is this hyperpigmentation permanent after cryotherapy for sun spots?

I had a sunspot on my upper cheek removed via cryotherapy about 4 months ago. I am now left with defined redness/hyperpigmentation in the area where... READ MORE

How to Remove Sun Spots

What do you recommend for spots on the face resulting from sun exposure to a cream applied. The cream is intended to remove spots.The name and type of... READ MORE

How to Laser or Even out Bronzing Skin/sun Damage on Lower Arms?

How to laser or even out bronzing skin/sun damage on lower arms? thanks Nikki READ MORE

What is the Dark Patch from my Sunburn? (photo)

I went kayaking a week ago and I got sunburned on the side of my knee on the inner part of my leg. The redness from the burn is gone but, there is a... READ MORE

Sun Damage, Visible Pores, Heat Rash on Cheeks?

Hi, This summer,after experiencing heat rash,my pores on my cheeks have enlarged.itstill very small compared to those who have visible can... READ MORE

I Had a Scratch on Nose my Dr Told Me to Put Silverdine on It. It Ate my Skin off and It Got Deep What Can I Do?

I had a sunburn/windburn i scratch side of nose dr told me to put silverdine on ate my skin off and it got deep it filled in alot but skin not... READ MORE

Pin point, flat red dot on the tip of my nose, two scaly red raised bumps above it - concerned. (photos)

The pinpoint dot is not raised. .It's blanchable, no drainage, present about 6-8 months. Now in the last few minutes months I have developed 2 raised... READ MORE

Did I Have an Appropriate Procedure for Sunspot Damage?

I went to the derm this week for a large sun spot on my forehead. She started using a freezing torch and did several places on my face before I... READ MORE

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