Scar + Stretch Marks Treatment

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Can Stretch Marks Be Surgically Removed from Any Part of the Body?

I developed stretch marks on my calves, back thighs, and buttocks during a growth spurt when I was thirteen. I then developed stretch marks on my... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Stretch Marks from Pregnancy?

I have many stretch marks from 1 pregnancy. My stomach was flat shortly after but scars are on my sides and stomach. If I lean down there is some... READ MORE

What are these scars on my arms (photo)?

I was never cut in my arms or anything but it looks like it a healed scar. It's on both arms. READ MORE

What treatment can help fix stretch marks above belly button and piercing scar? (photo)

I had a large baby and my stomach stretched out quite a bit. My belly piercing scar is discolored and I have stretch marks above the piercing. I was... READ MORE

What's the best procedure for 2 year old stretch marks? Really want them completely gone! (photo)

I'm 19 years old and have stretch marks from my first pregnancy. I have them on my lower abdominal area and on my hips. I also had a c-section and I... READ MORE

I am 28 & happy with my shape but I am left with stretch marks after two kids. Am I a good candidate for laser surgery? (photos)

I am 28 and happy with my shape but I am left with stretch marks after twokids. My oldest is 8 and youngest 6, and now I have bikini season issues.... READ MORE

Stretch marks laser removal. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck 6 months ago. But my belly is still full of stretch marks and my tummy tuck's scar is so ugly. Please show me what should I do with... READ MORE

I am interested in breast stretch mark removal. What is the "best" most effective machine available?

So far the doctors in my area have suggested picoway,halo,infini. Am I on the right track? Also are the same machines used for scar removal as we'll? READ MORE

How do I get rid of stretch marks and scars?

How do I get ride of strath marks and scars READ MORE

Problem of stretch marks and scars on my body especially arm and tummy parts. Any suggestions?

M 22 yrs female m having stretch marks on my body especially arms n tummy and its forming scars s thr any treatment for this problem? READ MORE

Stretch marks laser treatment, are these scars going to be permanent? (Photos)

Dear doctors, I had my stretchmarks laser treatment on my calves in a very professional center, its been 9 days now since i had the treatment, but my... READ MORE

Can I remove these stretch mark groves from my penis? (Photos)

I have these stretch mark scars on the head of my penis which I would like to get rid of. when not erect they give an appearance of a raisin to my... READ MORE

How do I remove stretch marks and strengthen my skin?

My VATS surgery resulted in stretch marks. Overall, I get stretch marks, bruises, cuts and scars very easy. Is it recommended to be an ideal body... READ MORE

Looking to get laser scar/stretch mark removal in Richmond, VA or New York? (Photo)

I'm looking for a doctor that can do laser stretch mark removal in Richmond or New York. A tummy tuck is completely out of the question. Ideally I'd... READ MORE

Embarrassing Belly Button Ring Scar/stretch Marks- What Can I Do?

When I was younger, I had my belly button pierced. It ripped out and then the next piercer stupidly pierced over the scar even though I asked him not... READ MORE

Best Surgery Removal for Old White Scretch Marks?

I have stretch marks on my butt, inner and outer thighs, and behind the knees. I have used many creams to try to reduce the scars but nothing has... READ MORE

Adipose-derived stem cells for skin regeneration and treatment of stretch marks?

Adipose tissue as a source of our own stem cells is now a very popular scientific topic. I was wondering does anyone works on developing the method... READ MORE

How deep in mm are stretch marks ? And in which layer of the Dermis do they occur?

How deep in mm are stretch marks ? In which layer of the Dermis do they occur? Do they occur in papillary layer or the reticular layer of the Dermis?... READ MORE

Can the stretch marks on my upper arms be removed surgically?

Can the stretchmarks on my upper arms be removed surgically? I have a lot of loose skin on my arms and I think I will prefer one long thin scar than... READ MORE

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