Removal + Stretch Marks Treatment

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I want to know of there is anything that can be done to remove my stretch marks? (photos)

I am a 25 year old African American women who has stretch marks on my inner knee, back of legs ,thighs , hips and all over my butt and they have held... READ MORE

Stretch mark removal. Is there any surgery that will remove them completely and firm the skin? (Photo)

I have stretch marks (light but deep) mainly on my stomach but I do have some on my arms (light in color also) is there any surgery that will remove... READ MORE

How to get rid of stretch marks which occur due to bodybuilding? (photos)

I m a pharmacist and also a serious bodybuilder. I have lots of pinkish purple stretch marks between my chest and hand.. My questions are : 1. How can... READ MORE

Can stretch marks be removed or improved? (photos)

I don't understand why, I've always been around the same weight- I'm a small build but have stretch marks that run all the way Down my thighs and even... READ MORE

Is there a surgery to completely remove stretch marks?

I have them everywhere and I want them gone! Anything, please they are on my stomach, back if legs, hips, arms, and butt. I have seriously confidence... READ MORE

Can tattoo removal lasers be used to remove stretch marks? (photos)

The last time I saw my doctor I briefly asked her about stretch mark treatments. She didn't seem to know much about stretch marks because all she told... READ MORE

Any suggestion to remove my face stretch mark? (photos)

7 years old stretch mark. i don't have a enough money to do a surgery. so any low cost method. highly appreciated. READ MORE

Skin Removal for Stretch Marks?

I have some really sunken/deep stretch marks. Will skin removal help get rid of the stretch marks? Please help, I am stressed over the stuation! READ MORE

Stretchmarks Everywhere. What Do You Recommend?

They are over my thighs everywhere, inner, outer, everything. To make things worse I live in Florida so I die of heat hiding them. I also have them on... READ MORE

What can I do to remove or diminish my stretch marks? (photo)

I am 19 years old. I've had the stretch marks since about December of 2011 from giving birth/pregnancy. What can I do about them? Microdermabrasion?... READ MORE

Can stretch marks on calves and back thighs can be removed through surgery?

I have a stretchmarks on my calves and back thighs..please help me out iam very depressed and cant wear short i am only 22 not married yet... READ MORE

Can I still get stretch mark removal after I had c section? (photos)

Can I get a stretch mark removal after I had C Section. I gave birth to my 2nd child in May 2012 and had a c section for that delivery! It's been over... READ MORE

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