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Will There Ever Be a Cure for Stretch Marks?

In your opinion, do you think there will ever be a treatment that can significantly reduce or even completely heal stretch marks? READ MORE

Can isotretinoin (Pill) reducec(white) stretch marks and other scars?

My doctor gave me a prescription of 1 pill(20mg) per day as well as tretinoin cream also 1 per day. i know they can't completely remove stretch marks... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove stretch marks, or at least make them less noticeable to the naked eye? (Photo)

I have two pregnancies and my body is covered in stretch marks I seriously can't see myself naked because it saddens me. I have them on my breast, all... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Stretch marks RecoSMA laser?

Hello I want to ask about recosma laser for stretch marks, i heard that its pretty effective. I know there is no cure for stretch marks but i just... READ MORE

Is there a way to reduce the appearance and depth of white stetch marks (besides profractionnal laser)?

I have old deep white stretch marks on my thighs and have done one profractionnal laser treatment. I have fair skin and it caused hyperpigmentation so... READ MORE

How can I reduce the white stretch marks on my hips and thighs?? (photos)

I have had these white stretch marks on my hips since I was a teenager. The have gotten worse over time and have moved down my thighs. What kind of... READ MORE

Can dermaroller and silicone sheets reduce the appearance of stretch marks?

Or laser treatments and chemical peels are the only way to reduce stretch marks? READ MORE

How to get rid of stretch marks?

The marks are located on my stomach and hips. Everything I've read has suggested that the marks should have reduced in redness, but they continue to... READ MORE

Can water get rid of stretch marks?

If i drink a lot of water will i reduce the appearance of stretch marks? READ MORE

Is there an effective treatment that will get rid of old white stretch marks on breast? (Photos)

I've probably had these stretch marks for about 4 years. I just would like to know if it's possible for old white stretch marks to be removed... READ MORE

Effective Ways to Reduce the Appearance of White, Old Stretch Marks?

I know there really isn't anything that will eliminate stretch marks and the chance of successfully reducing stretch marks is better when they are... READ MORE

Reduce or remove stretch marks? (photos)

I have really bad stretch marks on most of my body. My stomach, tighs and my sides. They are extremely bad due to major weight lost. I have a tummy... READ MORE

What is my best option to reduce my stretch marks almost complete?

I have white stretch marks on the side of my butt and things they are pretty smooth . they arent deep but are white and noticeable on my tan skin READ MORE

Is there any way possible for me to reduce or remove my strech marks?

Theyre not red anymore theyre whitish is there anything that i can do? I heard that theres a cream called trilastin it was on tyra show. But i dont... READ MORE

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