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Is Microdermabrasion Good for Stretch Marks?

Is microdermabrasion an option for getting rid of stretch marks? READ MORE

How to Completely Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Full Body??

I have a four year old son (my only child) and have stretch marks on the top of my breasts, my FULL stomach (not just below the belly button), my... READ MORE

Will Weight Lifting Improve Stretch Marks?

Hello im 18 years old sex: male my weight was 220 lbs and i have lost near 60 lbs my problem now is the stretch marks so my question if go to the gym... READ MORE

I Have Stretch Marks and Lose Skin After Pregnancy. What Are my Options to Fix my Stomach?

I am 23 and just had my first baby 3 months ago. I have lose sagging skin and alot of stretch marks below my belly button. My husband and i are unsure... READ MORE

Best Laser Wavelength for Stretch Mark Removal?

What type of laser works best to remove stretch marks?  READ MORE

How Can You Remove Stretch Marks Permanently?

I have stretch marks on my back, shoulders and buttlocks and i am 15 years old READ MORE

My teenage daughter has terrible stretch marks - can they be treated?

My14-tear-old has bright red stretch marks on the back of her thighs. It makes her very uncomfortable when wearing a bathing suit. Is there anything I... READ MORE

Most Effective Way to Remove Old White Stretch Marks on the Breast? Dark Skin, Indian.

I have had stretch marks all over my breasts for the past 15 years. They are white and silvery and are slowly creeping up towards my chest..I fear... READ MORE

What Laser Will Help my Stretch Marks ?

I am going to New York City can you help me find a doctor in New York City who offers stretch mark removal? I was hoping I could find one that only... READ MORE

Which Laser Works Better for Improving the Appearance of Stretch Marks?

I have some stretch marks on my hips and thighs. They are not too deep and somewhat lighter than my skin. I have been to two places, one of which... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Improve the Surface Texture of my Stretch Marks?

Is there a way to improve the surface texture of my stretch marks? my stretch marks were caused by weight gain, they are on my stomach, quite deep and... READ MORE

For those pesky white stretch marks, do you like 1) Fraxel laser, 2) Dermapen or 3) Carboxy?

Asking this question here because this is the place where the doctors know the abdominal area and have the most experience. I did not have a tummy... READ MORE

What Can I Do About the Depth of the Stretch Marks on my Breasts?

This is what is left from my 2 pregnancies. What can I do? Augmentation, fat transfer, lift or something else? I would prefer non surgical options but... READ MORE

Why are my stretch marks bumpy and what can I do to improve the texture?

I recently gained weight and I developed stretch marks for the first time ever all down my thighs, calves and behind my knees it's so gross but it... READ MORE

I Got Stretch Marks on my Caves (6 Years Now) Any Solutions?

I Got Stretch Marks on my Caves (6 Years Now) Any Solutions? READ MORE

What is the Future of Stretch Marks Therapy Post-Isolagen Bankruptcy?

In light of the recent bankruptcy filed by Isolagen whose novel technique included infusing fibroblasts into into the dermis of the stretch marks... READ MORE

Male With Stretch Marks After Big Weight Loss- What Can I Do? (photo)

Im 6.2 ft,My weight is 173lbs. What really bothers me are the bigs stretch marks all over my belly and my waist.What procedureis recommended for... READ MORE

Excision of deep stretch marks on buttocks on a thin person? Best cellulite treatment recommendation... (photos)

The only solution for mature stretch marks is excision. Docs suggest a buttock lift to remove the marks, but warn the surgery also leaves a visible... READ MORE

Really Bad White Stretch Marks, What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Them?

Hi! I have really bad white stretch marks on the side of my butt and im only 22- What can I use to help that? Can I use collegen- Vitamin e cream to... READ MORE

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