Loose Skin + Stretch Marks Treatment

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I Have Stretch Marks and Lose Skin After Pregnancy. What Are my Options to Fix my Stomach?

I am 23 and just had my first baby 3 months ago. I have lose sagging skin and alot of stretch marks below my belly button. My husband and i are unsure... READ MORE

What can I do about terrible pregnancy stretch marks?

I was 93 pounds before I got pregnant and went up to 148! I have stretch marks everywhere. My thighs, calves, stomach, breasts, hips, butt, ect. I've... READ MORE

What procedure, if any, is recommended to eliminate or improve loose skin and stretch marks? (Photo)

My main concern is the loose skin and deep stretchmarks after -30lbs and childbirth 1 yr to date. My stomach seems to smooth out the stretch marks and... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for abdominal stretch marks, wrinkles, and loose skin?

After having 2 children in 3 years, I was left with stretch marks, wrinkles and saggy skin on my abdomen. I also recenetly had an umbilical hernia... READ MORE

Is this loose skin or stretch marks on fat? How can I get rid of them to appear smooth? (Photos)

I had Titan done but right now don't see a difference. I wanted to know if fat loss will tighten my skin and get rid of the rigids. If surgery is the... READ MORE

What will happen to my old stretch marks from rapid weight gain now that I'm pregnant?

I have old stretch marks that are maybe ten years old. I am now 9 months pregnant with no new stretch, but my old stretch marks have stretch along... READ MORE

How would you treat stretch marks on your arms and a little loose skin, not much, around the stretch marks?

Would you rather remove the stretch marks throught surgery and then treat the scar from de surgery, or would you prefer just to treat the stretch... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a flat tummy only with exercise and running or stretch marks removed without any surgery? (photo)

I'm doing second marriage but feeling embarace with my pragnncy strech marks nd loose tummy due to my first pragnncy.  READ MORE

Stretch mark treatment before or after?

I have some loose skin I want to have lifted like on my inner thighs but also from previous weight gain I have a lot of stretch marks. Will I get... READ MORE

Can you surgically remove stretch marks if there is no loose skin?

I have some stretch marks from pregnancy on the front of my belly only, however I do not have any loose skin. My tummy muscles are tight and I... READ MORE

Always had some stretch marks on my stomach: now looking bloated, loose skin everywhere. (Photo)

And my marks look like this? What is causing this, I have no clue what to do, no weight gain or loss!! READ MORE

My upper arms have very flabby loose skin which creases due to stretch marks and is really noticeable. (Photo)

I am getting married next year and I'm dreading the photos - I always wear tops with sleeves to hide my upper arms. I've tried various creams and oils... READ MORE

I Have Horrible Strech Marks but No Lose Skin

I have gain weight but I have not been obese. My stretch marks make me look like I was a 500 pound man. I have horrible skin. I am loosing close to a... READ MORE

Do Stretch Marks = Loose Skin? (photo)

I'm 23, 226 pounds and have stretch marks all over my stomach. Do these stretch marks automatically mean I'll have loose skin? Just want a straight to... READ MORE

Can the stretch marks on my upper arms be removed surgically?

Can the stretchmarks on my upper arms be removed surgically? I have a lot of loose skin on my arms and I think I will prefer one long thin scar than... READ MORE

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