Knees + Stretch Marks Treatment

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What Caused my Stretch Marks?

I am a female in early 20s, no kids. I have stretch marks on my upper arms, lower back, hips, back of my calves and knees. I lost 20% body weight and... READ MORE

I want to know of there is anything that can be done to remove my stretch marks? (photos)

I am a 25 year old African American women who has stretch marks on my inner knee, back of legs ,thighs , hips and all over my butt and they have held... READ MORE

Most effective laser for white stretch marks?

I know that white stretch marks are difficult to treat and can't be removed entirely, but I want to know what laser would at least give me some... READ MORE

How much would it cost to get laser beam on my stretch marks?

I started gaining stretch marks 4 years ago now I have white stretch marks on my thighs, butt, hips and knees and I would like to know how much a... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for my stretch marks? (Photo)

I have stretch marks on my legs/back of knees, and arms from gaining and losing weight. They are pink/purple. I know there is no way to completely get... READ MORE

Is there a way to remove old stretch marks? If so, what is the way? What about micro needling? (photo)

I have stretch marks all over my butt, on my knees and in the back of my knees & thighs. I believe they are due to rapid growth during puberty. I've... READ MORE

Stretch mark appearance caused by weight gain/loss from my teenage years? Early 20s now. (photos)

Black stretch marks African woman early twenties around the sides and back of my waist, back of knees, breasts, the front of shoulders, top of... READ MORE

Stretch mark improvement--not in places that can be cut out.

I have had cushing's from chronic steroid use and do not really have enough skin to be romoved for most places I have stretch marks, they cover most... READ MORE

How to get rid of stretch marks permanently? 24 year old female from India. (Photo)

I have stretch marks on my inner shoulder,waist,hips,thighs and knee. Tell me which treatment is best surgical or non surgical?? Which treatment? READ MORE

16 with too many stretch marks and saggy breasts. How can I get rid of the stretch marks and saggy breasts?

I have stretch marks on my calves, hips, thighs, knees, breasts, waist, and a little on my arm. I'm 16 and I have too many stretch marks, it's very... READ MORE

Surgery Option for Fat Knees and Stretch Marks?

Have stretch marks on knees, thighs, and butt. But my main problem is having fat knees. It's not just fat but they're big. I wanted to know if there... READ MORE

I'm 19 and have not been pregnant but I have a lot of stretch marks over my body. Why is this and how do I treat it? (Photo)

Over the last 2 years I have found a lot of stretch marks in many areas of my body (side of the hips, back of the knees, inner thighs, on my breasts,... READ MORE

How can I treat severe stretch marks?

Stretch marks around armpit, back arm, thigh, back leg, hips, knees, waist...i am just 21.. Have never gone over weight. 5'8 and have been just 65-76... READ MORE

i used skin lightning cream and got a lot of strech marks all over. Can they be removed?

I am dark skin and i used the skin lighting cream for a few months an got big open strech marks between my thighs and all the way down on the sides to... READ MORE

I have a stretch mark at the back of the knees. Any suggestions?

I'm going the treatment but I don't see any different and I paid more money for that treatment. . READ MORE

I was wondering if cosmetic surgery would help remove stretch marks especially in the deep areas?

I've had stretch marks for seven years now, due to excessive doses of prednisone (150 mg/day for 3 months or so then progressive decreasing for 3 to 4... READ MORE

Is this a stretch mark? (Photo)

It's locates behind my knee. READ MORE

Stretch Mark Surgery for Legs?

I have heard getting a tummy tuck to completely remove stretch marks, i was wondering if there is asimilar surgical option for stretch marks on the... READ MORE

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