Inner Thighs + Stretch Marks Treatment

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Laser for Stretch Mark Removal?

My daughter has not been pregnant, has never weighed more than 105 lbs and, does not have implants of any type. However, she has large stretch marks... READ MORE

Horrible red stretch marks on inner thigh. Is it worth getting a laser treatment to remove them? (Photo)

Hi, I've got really bad stretch makes on my inner thigh, they're red/purple still and it's like a dint in my leg where they are. they look disgusting... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for old white stretch marks?

I have had stretch marks for over 10 years and they are white. I have had laser treatment before but it only resulted into burns and blisters which... READ MORE

Best way to fix stretch marks?

After gaining weight rapidly over the year, I have developed red stretch marks on my breast, hips, inner thighs and a few on my upper arms. I would do... READ MORE

Stretchmarks on breasts and inner thighs

Most comments regarding this question I see are from a few years ago. Can you please advise if there are newer lasers or treatments that significantly... READ MORE

Are there any treatments for red and deep stretch marks on tummy and inner thighs? (Photo)

I had my son 5 months ago and the stretch marks are just bad on my stomach and inner thighs. Also I would like to know the price average. READ MORE

Stretch marks upper/ inner thigh and lower ab. What treatments would be recommended? (Photo)

My stretch marks are old and new. I just loss some weight and I want to know if waiting to do treatment till I get to my goal weight or would now be a... READ MORE

Best option for my stretch marks? (Photo)

My stretch marks are about 3 years old they are purple.I want to know the best treatment option no matter what cost. I have them on my hips and on my... READ MORE

I have stretch marks in my inner thighs since more than 20 yrs. I have tried many treatments but nothing work. Any suggestion?

Could you please tell me what is the latest effective way to get red from the stretch marks ? I already tried the fractional laser , e-matrix ,... READ MORE

How to lighten white stretch marks?

HI sir, I am 27 years old. I have white stretch marks in the inner thighs, near my under arms and both side of my abdomen. I dont want to go.for any... READ MORE

How can stretch marks on hips and inner thighs be treated? What is the reasonable expectation? (photos)

I have many stretch marks around my thighs and hips. What are the best treatments to remove the marks? Can they be removed completely? If not, to what... READ MORE

Lot of dark stretch marks on inner thighs, upper arms, behind calves & a few more. Is there any surgery/method of removing them?

I have a lot of dark stretch marks on my inner thighs, upper arms, behind my calfs and a few more. Is there any surgery/method of removing them? READ MORE

Can I Have Stretchmarks Surgically Removed from my Inner Thighs ?

I have stretchmarks all over my body but mostly on my legs i am 22 and have suffered from them since i was 13 , I am now managing to maintain my... READ MORE

Are stretch marks forming on my inner thighs? Can I prevent them from getting worse? (Photo)

I am an overweight man, age 19. I already have stretch marks on my belly (thick ones that bother me and thin ones that don't) and thick stretch marks... READ MORE

I'm 19 and have not been pregnant but I have a lot of stretch marks over my body. Why is this and how do I treat it? (Photo)

Over the last 2 years I have found a lot of stretch marks in many areas of my body (side of the hips, back of the knees, inner thighs, on my breasts,... READ MORE

What can i do about my stretch marks? They very dark and huge? Sometimes they hurt why is that?

I got them from using palmer stretch mark lotion. I have them on my love handles and between my thighs and inner arms..what can i do about them?? I... READ MORE

Will tanning improve the discoloration of stretch marks? Can I get surgery to remove them off my inner thigh?

I have had stretch marks since I was 14 in my inner thighs and seems like they just appeared out of no where:( l would never wear shorts like my... READ MORE

i used skin lightning cream and got a lot of strech marks all over. Can they be removed?

I am dark skin and i used the skin lighting cream for a few months an got big open strech marks between my thighs and all the way down on the sides to... READ MORE

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