Fade + Stretch Marks Treatment

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Got Stretch Marks During Rapid Weight Loss. Will They Fade if I Gain Weight?

I have them on my butt. on the left ones there more of them like 7 white ones . i also suffer from hyperpigmentation in the right butt that one has... READ MORE

Is There ANY Way to Fade Old Stretch Marks?

Ok, I understand that you cannot ever make stretch marks go away completely. That being said, is there ANYTHING I can do to make them less noticeable?... READ MORE

Stretch marks upper/ inner thigh and lower ab. What treatments would be recommended? (Photo)

My stretch marks are old and new. I just loss some weight and I want to know if waiting to do treatment till I get to my goal weight or would now be a... READ MORE

"It Works" Stretch Mark Cream. Is it possible to excessively fade stretch marks?

Well I've followed this business that sells body wraps and stretch mark cream, they claim heavily that their products can deplinish or excessively... READ MORE

Stretch Marks Laser Treatment. Will this fade away? (Photo)

Hi all, I did a laser treatment for stretch marks, I feel my skin is burnt...it is really dark.. I took the treatment on aug 26, and from then my skin... READ MORE

What's the best way to get rid of stretch marks?

Hello I have very bad stretch marks from all different sizes and colours I'm just wondering What would be best to get rid/fade them (laser, micro... READ MORE

Fade old pink stretch marks. Dermatologist refused to use laser.

I have pink stretch marks in inner thighs since 15 years back (started out as purple). I m looking for a way to fade them, I know they can not go away... READ MORE

Can my stretch marks be faded away until they are barely visible? (Photo)

Stretch marks from puberty on my butt and thighs. Not very obvious but still visible under light. READ MORE

Do all stretch marks fade to white eventually?

I have some 14month old stretch marks. Some of the smaller ones have faded but the bigger ones still seem purple. When I look closely I can see parts... READ MORE

Stretch mark treatment options?

What are my treatment options to help fade, lighten or overall improve the appearance of stretch marks after giving birth. I have a few on my stomach... READ MORE

I had laser on some stretch marks on my legs when should the 'bruising' fade?

I had laser over 6 weeks ago and the stretch marks that i had lasered are still darken then the ones i havent had lasered. Should I be worried that... READ MORE

Stretch mark fading. (photo)

I am a 23 year old male who recently had a weight gain that has left me with some extremely red an unsightly stretch marks they began to appear in... READ MORE

Are my stretch marks going to fade more? (Photo)

My baby is 7 months i put on 3 stone in pregnancy i was just wondering if they will faid alot more iv also baught a dermaroller was just wondering... READ MORE

What procedure can eliminate or fade out stretch marks the best? (photos)

And please don't tell me there is no way to get rid of stretch marks because i have seen some amazing before and afters with lasers and other... READ MORE

I have stretch marks in many areas - will they go away after time? Is there any medication that will help to get rid of them?

Will the stretch marks fade? Is there any type of medication the will help them fade or go away? And how do they appear? READ MORE

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