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Laser Vs Microdermabrasion for Stretch Marks?

I went to my dermatologist for a consulation on stretch marks, and he recommended IPL, but said I should see the specialist who would actually perform... READ MORE

What is the Most Effective Laser for White Stretch Marks?

What is the most effective laser for white stretch marks? Reguardless of cost, how much improvement can I expect after the recommended amount of... READ MORE

What is the most effective method of removing stretch marks, and how much does it cost? (Photo)

I am wondering if there is a successful treatment that would get rid of my stretch marks and how much it would coast. READ MORE

Does Celtrixa Work for Stretch Marks?

Does celtrixa work for stretch marks READ MORE

Does CoolBeam Laser really work for all types of skin?

I have had a couple consultations for stretch mark removal but not a single Dr has recommended laser treatment due to the chances of... READ MORE

Most Effective Treatment for Stretch Marks?

I have stretch marks on my thighs and buttocks. They are white and I've had them for a few years now, due to weight loss and gain. I want them to be... READ MORE

Real Future Stretch Mark Treatments?

Its clear nothing really works for stretch marks. Stretch marks are considered tears in the dermal layer of skin in the collagen and elastin fibers so... READ MORE

What Does the Future Hold for Stretch Marks Treatment? Are You Optimistic?

Hi, please do NOT tell me what stretch marks are and what causes them so we don't take valuable space. I tried Fraxel treatments, Retin A,... READ MORE

I Refuse to Believe That There Will Be NEVER Something to Remove Stretch Marks Completely

Hi, please do NOT tell me what stretch marks are and what causes them so we don't take valuable space. I tried Fraxel treatments, Retin A,... READ MORE

What's Best for Treating Stretch Marks? Non-ablative Laser of Ablative Laser (For Ex. Mixto)?

Hi, I am 23 years old and i just had my firt laser treatment for stretch marks (Mixto laser) on my hips and back of the knees. The treatment was very... READ MORE

Would a Pixel and Accent Cocktail Work for Stretch Marks?

My doctor recommended 4 Pixel treatments six weeks apart for stretch marks then 4 Accent treatments two weeks apart for loose skin with a final Pixel... READ MORE

What is the Best Stretch Mark Treatment?

I have stretch marks from gaining weight too quickly. They are primarily a problem on my hips. Would a tummy tuck or body lift be better to address... READ MORE

Story Behind Stem Cells? Real or Fiction?

I read from highly respected doctors about use of stem cells from fat sucked by lipo used for stretch marks and surgical scars ...how true is it , how... READ MORE

Can Acell be used for stretch marks? And how much prp can be used during one session for effectiveness?

I'm covered in stretch marks from weight gain and puberty. My entire torso and arms are just cracked by these marks. I'm not even exaggerating.... READ MORE

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