Cream + Stretch Marks Treatment

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Mederma or Bio Oil for Old Stretchmarks?

Will mederma or bio oil help with old stretchmarks? There is a site regarding stretch marks and that says massaging will fade new and old stretch... READ MORE

Best Way to Remove Old and White Stretch Marks?

I have stretch marks due to weight problems. I am afraid they have already turned white and old. What is the most effective stretch mark treatment to... READ MORE

Are There Any Stretch Mark Products That Work?

I have severe stretch marks all over my body. Before I take the expensive route with laser treatment, I wanted to know, are there any stretch mark... READ MORE

Stretch marks cause by steroid cream; can anyone recommend help? (Photo)

I suffer from eczema and have been using steroid creams from a young age and now have serious strech marks all over my arms and legs can anyone... READ MORE

"It Works" Stretch Mark Cream. Is it possible to excessively fade stretch marks?

Well I've followed this business that sells body wraps and stretch mark cream, they claim heavily that their products can deplinish or excessively... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old with stretch marks all over my legs and stomach. Any suggestion? (photo)

I'm only a size 8 and it's killing my confidence. I had a tough time when growing up and ended up on anti depressants which didn't agree with me... READ MORE

How can I get rid of dark brown stretch marks? (Photo)

I've been using bleaching creams and now am having stretch marks on my waist and thighs is there any cream, or lotion I can use to get rid of these... READ MORE

How do I get rid of pregnancy stretch marks? (Photo)

I only have stretch marks on my sides . I want them gone . What are creams or anything I can put on them to make them disappear ? READ MORE

How can I get rid of all the stretch marks on my body?

I used a cream contained hydroquinone and it caused stretch marks on my arms down to my pit.I used shell butter but it's getting worst now.what can I... READ MORE

I wanted to know I have stretch marks but they are still red, are there any creams I could get that would help?

I wanted to know I have stretch marks but they are still red, are there any creams I could get that would help ! Thank you READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for stretch marks?

I have had stretchmarks for years as a result of weight loss and have tried different creams but not seen them fade much. someone advised me to go for... READ MORE

can Kojic acid soap cause stretch marks?

Ive been using the soap for a few day also with a stretch mark cream. (my stretch marks are a few months old) and they are turning extremely pink.... READ MORE

Has anyone tried "DermalMD Stretch Mark Cream"?

If so, does it work? I have some white stretch marks on my body and I'm trying to find a way to get rid of them. Does this DermalMD Stretch Mark Cream... READ MORE

Can I get rid of stretch marks with a cream or laser? (Photo)

Am a nigerian and have remembered my stretch mark since childhood and not for a single day of my life have never being confident around men and women,... READ MORE

Hormonal imbalance and stretch marks - can cream or lotion get rid of them?

Hello I got some stretched marks on my stomach recently as I have harmonal imbalance.I am 25 yrs old unmarried girl.can I get rid from this by any... READ MORE

i used skin lightning cream and got a lot of strech marks all over. Can they be removed?

I am dark skin and i used the skin lighting cream for a few months an got big open strech marks between my thighs and all the way down on the sides to... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in the San Diego area that perform carboxytherapy for stretch marks?

I have had stretch marks on my buttocks and hips since puberty and have tried most creams and 3 Fraxel laser treatments. The creams didn't work. I did... READ MORE

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