Calves + Stretch Marks Treatment

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Can Stretch Marks Be Surgically Removed from Any Part of the Body?

I developed stretch marks on my calves, back thighs, and buttocks during a growth spurt when I was thirteen. I then developed stretch marks on my... READ MORE

What Caused my Stretch Marks?

I am a female in early 20s, no kids. I have stretch marks on my upper arms, lower back, hips, back of my calves and knees. I lost 20% body weight and... READ MORE

Can You Have Plastic Surgery to Remove Stretch Marks on Upper Calves? (photo)

I have had three kids and after my 3rd child I began to get stretch marks on the back of my knees and upper calf area. Having them I am so VERY VERY... READ MORE

I Got Stretch Marks on my Caves (6 Years Now) Any Solutions?

I Got Stretch Marks on my Caves (6 Years Now) Any Solutions? READ MORE

What can I do about terrible pregnancy stretch marks?

I was 93 pounds before I got pregnant and went up to 148! I have stretch marks everywhere. My thighs, calves, stomach, breasts, hips, butt, ect. I've... READ MORE

Which laser treatment can successfully reduce stretch marks?

I had received multiple stretch marks during puberty. The top, front, and inner thighs, hips, butt, breasts & calves are all affected. I am only... READ MORE

Is there a surgical procedure that I can do to fully remove my old white stretch marks?

On my legs calf/thighs and lower butt. Not lighten them but REMOVE them completely READ MORE

Can stretch marks be removed or improved? (photos)

I don't understand why, I've always been around the same weight- I'm a small build but have stretch marks that run all the way Down my thighs and even... READ MORE

Any suggestions for stretch marks?

Hello sirs Ive been suffering from stretch marks for few years now, i gained weight and and they started to appear on my buttocks, hips and calves,... READ MORE

Lot of dark stretch marks on inner thighs, upper arms, behind calves & a few more. Is there any surgery/method of removing them?

I have a lot of dark stretch marks on my inner thighs, upper arms, behind my calfs and a few more. Is there any surgery/method of removing them? READ MORE

How do I get rid of these purple stretch marks on my legs? 18 years old female. (photos)

For about a good 6-5 months I've had these stretch marks, it started off small in my inner thigh and now is reaching down to my calf. There is stretch... READ MORE

16 with too many stretch marks and saggy breasts. How can I get rid of the stretch marks and saggy breasts?

I have stretch marks on my calves, hips, thighs, knees, breasts, waist, and a little on my arm. I'm 16 and I have too many stretch marks, it's very... READ MORE

I Got Stretch Marks During Puberty on my Calves and Its Been 4 Years and They Were Never Red the Just Went Straight to White?

They're spreading further down my legs and its really embarrassing and depressing.. im young so i want to wear shorts and dresses but its really bad.... READ MORE

Dark lines on my calves. What are they? Can you help me? (Photo)

Hi! I'm a 22yr old female, weight proportionate to height. These lines on my calf appeared suddenly. They weren't present last week. I have a... READ MORE

What treatment will be the best for old stretch marks? (photo)

What kind of treatment can help my stretch marks look less indented or make them on the same level of the rest of the skin and also make them less... READ MORE

How can I treat the stretch marks on my calves? (Photo)

I am a 28 yr old Indian woman. I have these white stretch marks in my calves which is bothering me. They are nt too deep. Is there any method to merge... READ MORE

How much would full body laser treatment on stretchmarks cost?

I read that one treatment is aprox. $250. I was wondering if one treatment is a treatment for all the stretch marks on my body (tummy, thighs, calves,... READ MORE

Can stretch marks on calves and back thighs can be removed through surgery?

I have a stretchmarks on my calves and back thighs..please help me out iam very depressed and cant wear short i am only 22 not married yet... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend of Stretch Marks for African-Americans?

I am looking to try laser treatment for some stretch marks I have on my inner calf and thigh area on both legs. The stretch marks were caused by use... READ MORE

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