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What Caused my Stretch Marks?

I am a female in early 20s, no kids. I have stretch marks on my upper arms, lower back, hips, back of my calves and knees. I lost 20% body weight and... READ MORE

Laser for Stretch Mark Removal?

My daughter has not been pregnant, has never weighed more than 105 lbs and, does not have implants of any type. However, she has large stretch marks... READ MORE

What Treatments Exist to Make Stretch Marks Less Noticeble?

Having a olive skin i don't notice when they appear because they don't come pink as i've seen in other peoples pictures, and so when i tan... READ MORE

I'm 14. What are these stretch marks on my lower back?

Is it cause I'm always sitting or laying or just growing to much and are there exercises I can do ? READ MORE

What more can I do about my stretch marks? (Photo)

Im 19. 105 pound and 5 '1' have never been over 130 pounds and I have really bad stretch marks. I just don't know what to do with them. They're on my... READ MORE

I just want to ask what is this?

It's itchy and it's on my stomach, back and thigh. I assumed they're just stretch marks sunce I gain so much weight. I haven't check it with a doctor.... READ MORE

What treatments can I go through to remove scratch marks on my neck and back ? Will Laser treatment help?

I dont really take care of my skin (though i'm blessed with mostly good skin and no issues as such) I do have a bad habit of scratching myself up... READ MORE

What is the best treatment and what kind of result should I expect?

Have stretch marks more than15 years ago, on my arms ( biceps ) short thin and not deep and triceps Long but not deep. I developed stretch marks... READ MORE

Is there a way to remove dark stretch marks on my back?

I am a 22 year old black female. I have really noticeable stretch marks all over my back from weight gain. I am in the process of losing weight and... READ MORE

I have stretch marks all over my body. What can be done about it?

Not just on my tummy but my arms,hips,back,shoulders and underarms.what can be done about it? READ MORE

Stretch mark removal. Is there some laser therapy that might work? (Photo)

Okay so I have stretch marks I know they're not completely Removabe but is there some laser therapy that might work the one on my back are new and th... READ MORE

How to remove old, thick stretch marks that resulted from prednisone therapy? How should I mange my expectations?

I have very bad 14yr old thick stretch marks and loose skin from prednisone therapy that I would desperately like removed. I have already done derma... READ MORE

I need surgery to clear off all my stretch marks. What can I do? (Photos)

I have stretch marks on my arms back arms and waist . Old stretch marks. Have no kids . This stretch marks are so wide. Pls need surgery to clear all off. READ MORE

Stretch mark improvement--not in places that can be cut out.

I have had cushing's from chronic steroid use and do not really have enough skin to be romoved for most places I have stretch marks, they cover most... READ MORE

I am a 20 years old man suffering from stretch marks on back, arms, legs the past 5 years

I am a 20 years old man and in past 5 years have I suffered by stretch marks. I use oil, drinks a lot of water, eat healthy, eats some miniral and... READ MORE

I have a stretch mark at the back of the knees. Any suggestions?

I'm going the treatment but I don't see any different and I paid more money for that treatment. . READ MORE

I would like some advice on treating strech marks. Would tattoos be effective?

I did do a lazer frag treatment, but i dont think i really did much, i am not fat and i have them in my chest arms stomack inner thies and back. i... READ MORE

I'm just 19 yrs old and I have stretch marks all over my body. I have it on the stomach, arms,thighs,buts,breasts, back (photos)

I wanted to know whether topical treatment would help to reduce the appearance. I don't want to go for laser treatment. Which would be the best... READ MORE

Stretch Mark Surgery for Legs?

I have heard getting a tummy tuck to completely remove stretch marks, i was wondering if there is asimilar surgical option for stretch marks on the... READ MORE

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