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Strattice to Lessen Chances of Capsular Contracture?

Had Augmentation 25 Years Ago with Capsular Contracture Fix a Year Later. Implants Great for 20+ Years, but then MRI Picked Up a leak. Implants... READ MORE

Strattice Worth $3,000 for Recurrent Capsular Contracture

I had a ba in 2001 with smooth, saline, over the muscle and developed bilateral cc, worse on right side, within a few months. In 2003 I went to a new... READ MORE

Information on Use of Strattice for Breast Revision?

I am four months post-op and have capsular contracture. I was feeling pain and tightening in my right breast from six to eight weeks post-op. My... READ MORE

Is Contracture After Strattice Common?

I am considering getting implants with strattice due to repeat cc. Strattice is expensive and there are no guarantees. Have you ever had a patient who... READ MORE

10 Days Post Capsulectomy: Pain Has Returned

10 Days Ago Had a Capsulectomy, Replaced with 260cc Silicone Implants (Sub-muscular) with Strattice.  After 6 Days the Pain was managable... READ MORE

Is Strattice/Alloderm for CC and Palpability a Same Day Surgery or 2 Different Days?

I've had CapsCont 2x and I counsulted with 7 guys in NY/NJ area to consider a 3rd surgery. The majority say I should either live with rock hard... READ MORE

Strattice for Revision of Capsular Contracture and Bottoming Out (photo)

Originaly BA was 01/2012 with Mentor Smooth Round HP 500cc(R) and 450cc(L). Obviously this is not the result I was looking for. I am currently... READ MORE

How Much Would You Charge for Capsulectomy with Strattice, and New Implants? (Houston, TX) (photo)

Hello, I am wondering what the average price is for capsulectomy with strattice, and new implants? How much for two breasts? And finally, have you... READ MORE

Should I Massage if I Had Strattice Done to Fix Capsular Contracture?

This is my third surgery to fix capsular contracture. This time it's done with strattice. I was told not to massage them for 6 weeks. The last surgery... READ MORE

Strattice complications and risks after original complications?

I have read that CC cannot accrue in Strattice. Is this true and what are the clear complications? I had the strattice put in a week ago for bottoming... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision Required After Latent Capsular Contraction - Use Strattice or Move Under the Muscle? (photo)

I have 7 yr old Silimed silicone implants over the muscle. My left breast began slowly encapsulating 2+ years post-op. The contracture is not painful,... READ MORE

Do you recommend strattice for me? What is the average cost of dual capsulectomy with strattice placement? (photo)

I am a 32DDD with 600cc high pro cohesives. My left pocket has grooves in it (I can feel where slices were cut in capsule and it's left visual... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Revision Strattice/Options/Opinions? (photo)

HX: 2001- UM Saline imp. - 450cc filled to 550; 2010 - removal of old implants, keyhole lift, silicone implant (? cc, but small D) above muscle;... READ MORE

Should I Use the Strattice? Does It Solve Problems? (photo)

2003 350c saline capsular contracture 3 months in. 2004 350c memory gel after 6 months 2013 left side 325/ right 350 Now hemotoma and bottoming out.... READ MORE

Strattice & Keller Funnel Consideration for my Capsule Contractor Breast?

Since so many doctor refer me to use Strattice & keller funnel for my breast revision. Dose all of this require doctor skill and experience. As I know... READ MORE

How soon can you have revision surgery after breast augmentation? What is the success rate using strattice?

I am 48 had under the muscule 421 silicone implants. I am 4 months post op. My right breast bottomed out some but was real soft. Doctor thought left... READ MORE

I have had a capsular contracture twice one my left breast now. Will it continue happening?

I am 5 months post op and have developed capsular contracture for the second time. I don't know what to do and if it's worth getting a third surgery.... READ MORE

Is it possible to get Capsular Contracture a 2nd time after Breast Implant Revision with Strattice?

I am 4mo post op for revision of suborbital implant with cc. I opted to use Strattice for my second surgery and believe I have cc. Can I have cc... READ MORE

What surgery would be better to correct capsular contracture sub glandular implants? (Photo)

I have had 2 consultations with surgeons, one recommended sub muscular implant with a strattice and lift, the other said not to do the lift at he same... READ MORE

Do I need Strattice to correct grade 3 capsular contracture? Is there another procedure besides ultrasound or surgery? (Photo)

BA on 12/17/15, 397cc silicone, unders, mod profile plus. Last mth, I was diagnosed w/ grade 3 capsular contracture and my PS prescribed 3 ultrasound... READ MORE

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