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Strattice Breast Augmentation Revision: Uneven and Bumpy

I am two days post of from a breast augmentation revision. I went from approx 400cc saline under muscle to 375 silicone moderate profile plus under... READ MORE

Strattice to Lessen Chances of Capsular Contracture?

Had Augmentation 25 Years Ago with Capsular Contracture Fix a Year Later. Implants Great for 20+ Years, but then MRI Picked Up a leak. Implants... READ MORE

Information on Use of Strattice for Breast Revision?

I am four months post-op and have capsular contracture. I was feeling pain and tightening in my right breast from six to eight weeks post-op. My... READ MORE

Will Strattice Breast Revision Procedure Give Desired Results?

Strattice? After 1st BA/BL 3 yrs ago, they sat lower than I would have liked on my chest and were bottoming out. I had revision surgery to correct... READ MORE

This is my 3rd Revision. Second Round of Strattice? Pocket Revision?

These are my breasts after a revision for a malpositioned implant on my left side. The surgeon added strattice to improve the skin thickness. I went... READ MORE

3 Month Post Op Breast Aug Revision with Strattice - Acceptable Result?

I had a revision of 10 yr saline implants that had shifted laterally and bottomed out due to 3 pregnancies and nursing. Revision required strattice... READ MORE

10 Days Post Capsulectomy: Pain Has Returned

10 Days Ago Had a Capsulectomy, Replaced with 260cc Silicone Implants (Sub-muscular) with Strattice.  After 6 Days the Pain was managable... READ MORE

Is Strattice/Alloderm for CC and Palpability a Same Day Surgery or 2 Different Days?

I've had CapsCont 2x and I counsulted with 7 guys in NY/NJ area to consider a 3rd surgery. The majority say I should either live with rock hard... READ MORE

I Am Worried That I Will Tear the New Strattice Breast Tissue if I Play Golf Too Soon. How Long Should I Wait? (photo)

I had 30 year old silicone ruptured implants replaced on 4/31/12 through the areiole with Natrelle high profile, smooth 450 cc gel implants with... READ MORE

Almost 2 Wks Post Op, Very High and Uneven, Strattice Used (Included Pics of Before/after)

I was told to include before and after pics, so I'm reposting my question. I had a revision of implants which had fallen into my armpits over 10 yr... READ MORE

Should I Massage if I Had Strattice Done to Fix Capsular Contracture?

This is my third surgery to fix capsular contracture. This time it's done with strattice. I was told not to massage them for 6 weeks. The last surgery... READ MORE

Changing to Slightly Larger Implant Size After Strattice?

I had to have implant exchange and had a strattice "sling" placed in both breasts one year ago. It is unclear what went wrong, but now one breast is... READ MORE

Revison Surgery W/ Strattice 5 Wks Post Op, Your Opinion? (photo)

History: reduction at 16 yrs, BA+lift at 21,& revision w/ strattice at 28. Pics are pre-revision, 3 wks post op, & 5 wks post op. I love my PS... READ MORE

I Had Straticce Put in with Implants Will They Still Drop and Fluff

Ihad old implants 220cc taken (they where under the skin) replaced with moderate profile round smooth 339cc under muscle with staticce will they still... READ MORE

How Can I Tell if Strattice Hasn't Integrated? It Was Used to Correct Rippling and Now I Have a Lump and Still See Rippling?

I had breast implant revision surgery 2 months ago to correct rippling mediallyusing strattice. Prior to the revision I had silicone implants that... READ MORE

What Impact Does Strattice Have on Subsequent Breast Surgeries?

I am 3 wks post op from a breast surgery using strattice to prevent bottoming out of my implants. If my PS needs to go back in to do another procedure... READ MORE

Is There Any Solution for Tissue Damage if I'm Willing to Pay for It? (photo)

I am considering a 3rd surgery because I've had 2 botched boob jobs. The 2nd surgery failed largely because, well, the implants were too large. I had... READ MORE

Strattice Was Used and in the Cleavage Area the Strattice is Lumpy And Bumpy. Is This Normal? Will It Go Away?

I had a lumpectomy and radiation on my right breast 4 years ago. 3.2 weeks ago I had implant exchange with strattice in the right breast. Now I have a... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Revision Strattice/Options/Opinions? (photo)

HX: 2001- UM Saline imp. - 450cc filled to 550; 2010 - removal of old implants, keyhole lift, silicone implant (? cc, but small D) above muscle;... READ MORE

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