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Smoothbeam Vs Fraxel Restore for Collagen Production?

Which between Smoothbeam Laser and Fraxel Laser stimulates collagen better? Does Fraxel Restore remove scar tissue while Smoothbeam only remodels? READ MORE

Are the Smoothbeam Laser and the Aramis Laser the Same Thing? Do They Do the Same Thing?

Is the Smoothbeam Laser and the Aramis Laser the same thing? Which one has the least side effects and which is the most effective for reducing a very... READ MORE

Is Smoothbeam Really Good for Oily Skin?

I read that it helps to shrink the oil glands. But I don't think the results can last. Does the oil gland go back to normal if Smoothbeam... READ MORE

Which Smoothbeam Settings are Successful in Shrinking Sebaceous Glands?

Can anyone who has operated the Smoothbeam Laser please tell me the joule and spray settings, that have proven successful for shrinking sebaceous... READ MORE

Can Smoothbeam Laser Treatments Be Used While on Accutane?

I was interested in knowing if smooth beam laser treatments could be done while on accutane. I was told by a dermatologist that the smooth beam laser... READ MORE

Can I Still Get Smoothbeam Laser if I'm Darker Skin Toned? (Mexican) Or Something Similar for Oily? (photo)

I have very oily skin and was interested in smooth beam since I have heard it's good at reducing oil production. But have heard it can give you... READ MORE

Retin A has caused minimal peeling. Should I stop before Smoothbeam/v beam laser?

I've been using 0.025% tretinoin cream for a year. I mix 2 rice grain size of tretinoin with moisturizer and apply every night. My face gets slight... READ MORE

Would Candela Smooth beam laser work at reducing pimples?

Hello Doctor, Would like to know if Candela smooth beam laser work at reducing pimples even if its hormonal acne?? ,like it claims to destruct oil... READ MORE

Recommendation For Smoothbeam Settings for Cystic Acne?

Has anyone successfully treated cystic acne with the Smoothbeam Laser? If so, what size handpiece, joule/spray settings, and number of treatments were... READ MORE

SmoothBeam and VBeam Laser Parameters?

Could you please advise me on the parameters for laser treatment on face (VBeam + SmoothBeam): VBeam 11J, and then right after SmoothBeam 11,5 J 90/60... READ MORE

Does smooth beam treatment help treat sebaceous hyperplasia on the nose ?

I am very interested in the smooth beam treatment. Also I heard the carbon dioxide laser was a great treatment as well as electrocautery ? I've had... READ MORE

Smooth-beam diode laser treatment to treat my persistent acne? (photo)

How long do I have to wait after the last smooth-beam diode laser treatment then to get the Fraxel CO2 laser treatment to remove the dark spots and to... READ MORE

Can Smoothbeam Be Used for Scalp Acne?

I get acne around the nape of my neck on my scalp, seems to be stress related. The only thing that works is Duac gel but it tends to discolor my hair.... READ MORE

Smooth beam treatments for post pill skin breakouts

I have been on the pill for 10 yrs and want to come off. I took the pill for acne and still struggle mildly. Will smooth beam help ease the acne flare... READ MORE

Am I able to have Smoothbeam treatment during having E-matrix session?

I hope the Smoothbeam will help to control my acne skin and make my despressed scares on my face shallow. If yes, how long could I do it after... READ MORE

How much will cost for smooth beam laser skin treatment?

I want to know the cost of smooth been laser treatment for skin in pimple and bron problem. READ MORE

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