Straighten + Smile Makeover

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How Can I Move One Tooth into Position?

How can I move one tooth into position (canine)? I am halfway through Invisalign and because my one tooth wouldn't move, all my top aligners now... READ MORE

How do I get a U-shaped smile? What treatment should I go for? (photos)

My 2 front teeth used to be crooked so I had braces to straighten it. I had braces for 5 years but apparently my bite and smile looked better before... READ MORE

How can I improve my lips and teeth to feel more comfortable ? (photos)

The right side of my lip is larger then my left. It also pulls to the right significantly more when I'm talking or smiling. Is this fixable ? Also I... READ MORE

What procedures are required for me to not have such a gummy smile. Gingivectomy? (photos)

I've read that a Gingivectomy something with a laser to remove gum tissue will help, and that seems like something i really want to do, but then i... READ MORE

Can I straighten my smile? Unaligned top and bottom teeth with nose. (Photo)

I had braces for four and a half years. My front teeth don't line up with my nose. My bottom teeth slant upward and show more on one side than the... READ MORE

Any suggestions for crooked smile? (photos)

I have been advised that orthodontics could help straighten my smile. It seems as though the top teeth/jaw is completely wonky and so the right side... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a bridge and straighten it? (photos)

I recently had a three unit bridge (7,8,9) To replace a missing front tooth. It looks like the bridge is crooked and the wrong color(A2). Is it... READ MORE

How should I go about fixing my lower profile? (photos)

 My updates: I've contacted a maxillofacial surgeon in my area to get an evaluation. She then referred me to an orthodontist who commented that... READ MORE

Will I ever have a straight smile? (photos)

I seem to have a crooked smile because I have what I belive to be extra teeth. If it were removed would that help? Is there any way it can be fixed?... READ MORE

My teeth grew in relatively straight, however they never evened out on the bottom. What should I do to get an even smile?(photo)

I never had braces, so my teeth grew in pretty straight considering, with the exception of a slight over bite. The one thing that has always bothered... READ MORE

What do I do to get a straight smile and who do I go with (dentist ortho who?)? (photos)

Okay so i've has my smile like this sice i was small and im tired of it its ugly and i want to fix it , i have a really gummy smile and my gums show a... READ MORE

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