Missing Teeth + Smile Makeover

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My Two Front Teeth Are Not in the Middle and I Dont Have a Canine Tooth, Can I Do Anything

Just over 3 years ago i had my right canine tooth taken out because it had become flat in my gum and it wasn't in the right position to come out.... READ MORE

What Are My Options for Replacing Missing Lateral Incisors?

Missing lateral insicors,teeth have shifted a little after having braces removed and I may not have enough room for implants. I would also like my 2... READ MORE

13 Year Old Missing Lateral Incisors - Close Space or Open for Implants?

My son is missing both lateral incisors. One ortho says to close space and shape teeth because even if implants are placed once growth has stopiped,... READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Improve my Slightly Gappy Upper Smile? I'm Missing L Canine Tooth. (photo)

L upper canine tooth grew out high above gum line -> dentist pulled it out.. Thus, leaving me w/ spaces b/t the 2 front teeth & spaces b/t the... READ MORE

I Am Missing my Upper Left Lateral. Please Suggest Options for Correcting my Uneven Midline? (photo)

My upper L lateral was pulled in order to "save" my upper L canine which grew right above it (ectopic eruption). It took 8+ years of braces to move... READ MORE

I had an accident 15yrs ago, lost 2 of my front teeth & some bone as well, causes my smile to look crooked & I have lost hope.

I have been to mexico numerous times and they have done nothing but take my money and leave me without hope and they give up on me because they say... READ MORE

Missing Teeth, Now There is Larger Gaps at the Bottom Teeth? (photo)

Hi Doc, I had a missing teeth and now I've noticed that there is a gap in between my bottom teeth... Is there any other methods that I can do aside... READ MORE

What would be the best method to fix my missing lateral incisor?

I have always hated my smile because I have a gap in my teeth. I didn't even notice that I was missing a tooth until last year. A lo of people hI know... READ MORE

My Son is Missing 6 Permanent Teeth, the Lateral Incisors and Two Molars on Top and Bottom. Would You Recommend Implants?

The orthodontist wants to move the canines next to the front teeth and have them shaped and bonded. He thinks that lateral incisor implants have... READ MORE

15 Year Old Daughter with Missing Laterals is Ready for Braces to Come Off?

My daughters braces are coming off and we are receiving so many different views on how to keep the space open until implants. It is a tough age to... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a bridge and straighten it? (photos)

I recently had a three unit bridge (7,8,9) To replace a missing front tooth. It looks like the bridge is crooked and the wrong color(A2). Is it... READ MORE

Missing molars, dental bridge. What can I do to confirm and correct?

I was missing a few molars on my lower left side, 5 years ago I ha d bridge done. A few days back I started having a toothache. My dentist said there... READ MORE

How can I get a Hollywood smile? (photos)

Long dental history beginning @ 6. I'm 29 & ive always hated my smile. I have a pretty severe open bite, super narrow palate, cross bite, weak... READ MORE

What is the cost of smile make over?

I am missing most of my front upper teeth, bottom teeth are rotting. Desparatly need a smile make over. I live in Southern California. What are my... READ MORE

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