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My 4 Year Old Son's Crooked Smile Seems to Be Getting Worse. What Can Be Causing This?

I used to only notice it when he was smiling his smile very big. Now it is notibible to me atleast with every smile. What can be causing it to get... READ MORE

10 Days Post-Op Openbite Jaw Surgery Smile is Now Drooping on One Side, Permanent?

My son 15yrs of age had openbite jaw reconstructive surgery 10days ago. Everything seemed fine just the normal swelling but on the 11th day we noticed... READ MORE

My upper teeth do not show when I smile. What could I do to show my top teeth? (photos)

Im 31 and want to fix my teeth but i dont want to waste the money if they're not going to appear wshen i smile. READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to correct an asymmetrical smile? (photos)

Hello, when I smile I've a dimple on my left cheek and not on the other one, my cheek therefore my left nostril goes higher than the right one which... READ MORE

My Cry For Help! - Hello, I am a 17 year old male in desperate need of a new mouth!

Hello, I am a 17 year old male in desperate need of a new mouth!!!!!! I've always had pretty crooked teeth but now it's really starting to bother me.... READ MORE

I was born without a smile. Every time I try to smile my teeth don't show. It's ruined my life. Can I fix this? (Photo)

I want to know is there anything to do to fix this cause when ever im told to smile i never smile i have just a sill face and i try all the time and... READ MORE

Suggestion for a better smile? (photo)

I am posting my u can see I have two large front 2 teeth in comparison with other teeth...also my left tooth besides the front two teeth... READ MORE

What are my options, what can I expect from the process and how long should it take?

I'm 32 years old and I have been living my life like this. You can only imagine the reactions I get. I grew up poor and my family was to proud to ask... READ MORE

What's the best way to go about my procedure? I just want a nice smile. (photos)

As a kid I didn't have this problem my teeth were just crooked but overtime as a kid I didn't have this problem my teeth were just crooked but... READ MORE

What can be done about my upper teeth not showing when I smile ? (Photo)

I can not see my upper teeth when I smile. What can be done to show my teeth? I am a 34 year old male and when I was younger you could see my teeth... READ MORE

Can I get a perfect smile? My central incisors are wide and long. (Photo)

What are the treatment options available for me. I want perfect smile. Can I recontour above 3mm because it will erode enamel . Is it okay to do it.... READ MORE

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