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10 Days Post-Op Openbite Jaw Surgery Smile is Now Drooping on One Side, Permanent?

My son 15yrs of age had openbite jaw reconstructive surgery 10days ago. Everything seemed fine just the normal swelling but on the 11th day we noticed... READ MORE

What is causing my smile to slant and my jaw to be larger on one side? (photos)

It seems over the years I have noticed my jaw is abnormally asymmetrical. Ever since I had my wisdom teeth removed, the the left side of my jaw feels... READ MORE

I'm unhappy with the shape of my face when I smile, what are my options? (photos)

I find that my lower jaw tends to recede when I smile, despite seeming normal when my mouth is closed. I also find that the area under my cheeks seems... READ MORE

Want wider, more symmetric smile and jaw? What are my options? (photos)

I have an uneven face. My left side is longer making it very hard to chew on that side because of the unevenness, and even painful because one tooth... READ MORE

Small mouth opening, narrow jaw, and edge to edge bite; what kind of treatment would improve my smile? (photos)

I have a small mouth, 35mm wide from inside tooth to inside tooth halfway back. An edge to edge bite, teeth only touch in certain areas at front, and... READ MORE

Upper teeth invisible when I smile and Prognathic profile. Any suggestions? (photos)

My problem is that my upper teeth are barely visible when I smile. According to a previous x-ray, my profile might be due to the fact that my lower... READ MORE

What surgery/options are available for correcting my Overbite, Gummy smile, weak chin and facial asymmetry.

I'm 20 and always been aware of my over emphasised prominent gum and crooked smile/mouth. The condition worsened as now the overbite can completely... READ MORE

My mouth looks protruded from the side and makes me look angry. Do I need braces to correct the problem or jaw surgery? (photo)

I had gaps on my front tooth and a very small teeth right beside the front teeth so I decided to get veneers because it was a cheaper option. However,... READ MORE

What procedure will fix the problem with my smile not being very visible with teeth? (photos)

Lip lift? Corrective upper jaw surgery to lower my teeth? Lumineers? When I smile my top center 4 teeth don't show but the sides and bottom do. Based... READ MORE

How can I fix my ruined smile? (Photo)

I had jaw surgery due to my asymmetric upper jaw and open bite. Now 8 months post op, my upper jaw is still slanted. I'm extremely sad. When i say it... READ MORE

What can I do about my gummy smile? (photos)

I get pretty self-conscious about my gummy smile and I was wondering whether it seemed to be my jaw or my lip that is causing it. I show about 5-6mm... READ MORE

Any suggestions for crooked mouth and raised nostril? (photos)

So I've had this for about ass long as I can remember, but my left nostril sits at a weird position compared to my right, also my mouth always looks... READ MORE

What's the best way to go about my procedure? I just want a nice smile. (photos)

As a kid I didn't have this problem my teeth were just crooked but overtime as a kid I didn't have this problem my teeth were just crooked but... READ MORE

Orthodontics for a Flat Paranasal Area?

Hello, I have a very flat paranasal area and a narrow upper jaw. I just had braces and an expander put in one week ago,and am wating for non surgical... READ MORE

What is "off" with my smile? (photos)

I have been looking at my smile for the past few weeks and know that something is just majorly 'off', but I cant figure out what it is. Is it my... READ MORE

I have asymmetrical face & smile. What treatment should be done? I used braces for 12 years, took it off on Dec'10. (photo)

The right side of my face looks dropped&uneven. I dont want to have the V-shape jaw, i just want to have same profile as my left side & even smile. If... READ MORE

I was told I lack smile" muscles in my face, and can't smile. What type of surgery could I have in order to smile? (Photos)

I have a very symmetrical face with a small nose. My upper teeth are small due to major accident to my face before my second teeth came in, and the... READ MORE

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