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How Do I Get Rid of My Gummy Smile?(photo)

I have a gummy smile, caused by nostril movement. Could elevators nasalis and LLSAN be disabled, allowing the frontal process of maxilla be augmented... READ MORE

What dental procedures would you recommend to fix my smile? (photo)

I had traditional braces many years ago but i think my teeth have dropped or shifted? I hate how my front teeth look so big. My smile seems very gummy... READ MORE

Gummy smile advice (photo)

I have a gummy smile. I will post a picture. Is there any procedure that i can get done that will reduce my gummy smile without changing my actual... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for having maxilla raised vertically to reduce gummy smile? (photo)

Judging from my photos would I be a candidate for this or would raising the maxilla cause too large a gap vertically between upper and lower teeth? As... READ MORE

Can I fix my gummy smile and overbite, how? (Photo)

So i have a pretty big overbite and i show as much gum as i do teeth when i smile so i was wondering if there's a way to fix it? And if so how? READ MORE

Gummy smile and overactive upper lip - suggestions for fix? (photos)

I'd like to get my gummy smile fixed along with my overactive upper lip. Any suggestions on how extensive the treatment would be and the best course... READ MORE

I want to get rid of my gummy smile. What are the treatment, cost, and duration for recovery? (photos)

I have a gummy smile and I want to get rid of my gummy smile. I have not done any kind of treatment untill now. I want to know what is the best... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my horrible smile ? (photos)

I hate my smile. After years of not being able to smile I am truly ready to fix the space between my teeth my gummy smile and I also want to feel more... READ MORE

I would like advice on gum lift and lumineers...will it work for me or will I still be showing lots of gums?

I do not consider on ever getting jaw surgery but i would like to get laser gum surgery and then perhaps lumineers but i am wondering if laser gum... READ MORE

I'm unhappy with my gummy smile. Should I get gum contouring, if so how much would it cost? (photos)

I have had braces and am happy with the straightness of my teeth, but I am very unhappy with the amount of gum that shows whenever I smile. What... READ MORE

Only 1/4th of my teeth show when I smile or talk. It looks really weird when I smile or laugh. How can this be fixed? (photo)

I have a gap between my teeth which bothers me but more than my gap, the thing that has always bothered me is that when I smile or talk, my teeth... READ MORE

Is it possible to cut the upper lip muscle to prevent gummy smile?

I am having a gummy smile plus very big teeth. When having a serious face, my lips have a good size, but when I smile, my upper lip kind of rolls... READ MORE

I've tried everything & seen many dentists to correct gummy smile. Botox & surgery did not work. What else can be done? (photo)

I've researched many cosmetic dentists answers to gummy smile correction. My situation is so unique I'm afraid there's nothing I can do. I've had lip... READ MORE

What procedures are required for me to not have such a gummy smile. Gingivectomy? (photos)

I've read that a Gingivectomy something with a laser to remove gum tissue will help, and that seems like something i really want to do, but then i... READ MORE

What should I do with my teeth, I have gummy smile too. (photo)

Just wanted a beautiful smile without gummy, and doesn't cost too much , Toronto READ MORE

What should I do about my gummy smile? (Photo)

I'm very insecure about my gummy mother had the same problem and had surgery in the 80s for it, and was botched, her gummy smile is gone... READ MORE

I have a gummy smile. What type of dentist can fix this and how can it be done?

Only the top left side of my smile is pretty gummy. I don't like this. I want all teeth to show and no gums at all when I smile. What are my options... READ MORE

What would be the best way to treat my gummy smile? (Photo)

I was wondering what would be best to treat my gummy smile? READ MORE

Which procedure should I have done to correct my gummy smile? (Photo)

I am unhappy with my smile and I get comments about my gums being too big. Which procedure would I need to have done to fix this? READ MORE

If Nasalis and LLSAN Were Disabled, Could Frontal Process of Maxilla then Be Augmented, Controlling Nostril Movement? (photo)

I have a gummy smile, caused by nostril movement. Could nasalis and LLSAN be disabled, allowing the frontal process of maxilla be augmented as a way... READ MORE

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