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Can I Close a 5mm Gap Between my Front Teeth? In How Much Time? (photo)

Hello, i'm 27 and i wish so much to finally have the smile of my dreams! But..i have a 5 mm gap and an over jet of also 5 mm.Biting doesn't... READ MORE

External Resorption: Tooth #26. What Are My Best Options?

I was recently rold by my dentist that I have External Resorption on tooth #26 and will have to have it removed. I am dreading the fact that I'll... READ MORE

How to Close a Wide Gap Between my Front Teeth

I had Invisalign but I still have a gap between the front teeth and the top & bottom jaws are not closing perfectly. What can I do next? I... READ MORE

How Can You Fix the Gap Between Your Teeth After Removing the Snaggle Tooth?

I really want to remove my snaggle tooth (left canine tooth). Everyone always notices it and makes comments on it, and it is sticking out pretty bad.... READ MORE

I have naturally straight teeth with a gap on my front tooth. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have naturally straight teeth (meaning I've never, ever had any braces). I would've loved my smile hadn't it been for this extremely embarrassing... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About my Gaps and Baby Teeth? (photo)

My canine teeth are still my milk teeth. Apparently I won't get adult teeth come through because there's no root. They're smaller and a... READ MORE

The two front teeth are not equal, also have a wide gap in between them. What can I do? (Photo)

I'm missing a tooth, which has made the other front tooth drifted from where it's supposed to be, not centralized, also I have diastema in between the... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for having maxilla raised vertically to reduce gummy smile? (photo)

Judging from my photos would I be a candidate for this or would raising the maxilla cause too large a gap vertically between upper and lower teeth? As... READ MORE

Missing Teeth, Now There is Larger Gaps at the Bottom Teeth? (photo)

Hi Doc, I had a missing teeth and now I've noticed that there is a gap in between my bottom teeth... Is there any other methods that I can do aside... READ MORE

How can I get a beautiful smile without braces ? (photos)

What should I do ?I want to get a smile makeover ? I am a 20 year old female and I am missing 2 lateral (incisor) teeth And my teeth are uneven a... READ MORE

Can it reduce my front teeth 5 mm gap of upper and lower side ? (photos)

It is 5 mm gap between my front teeth upper and lower side . Can it reduce gap between teeth by dental surgeory or any other treatment . Please tell... READ MORE

Only 1/4th of my teeth show when I smile or talk. It looks really weird when I smile or laugh. How can this be fixed? (photo)

I have a gap between my teeth which bothers me but more than my gap, the thing that has always bothered me is that when I smile or talk, my teeth... READ MORE

My smile is weird. How can I fix this? (photos)

I need help! For years I have been very self concious over the alignment of my face. Does anyone have any speculations as to what could be wrong? How... READ MORE

What's the quickest way to close the gap in my teeth? (photo)

I have a large gap in my top two front teeth (i'm not sure exactly the measurement), i'm 27 and iv hated it all my life! what would be the quickest... READ MORE

Uneven smile, And teeth, why? Just not lined up right, normal process? Will fixing open bite correct uneveness?

I have a small mouth so my ortho removed 4 premolars (I believe that's their name)I also hadover bite&my top front teeth pushed out so we closed... READ MORE

Cost To Fix Gaps in Front Teeth?

How much does it cost for removing gaps between the front two much time does it required to reduce gaps.whether ceramic braces is... READ MORE

Any suggestions for front teeth reduction + a confident smile? (photos)

Hi, I would request an advice about my front bunny looking teeth. I want to reduce the size and also the gap I'm 26 year old and permanent braces is... READ MORE

Getting A Back Tooth Extracted, And Have Gaps Between Teeth, What Should I Do?

I'm getting a back tooth extracted and I'm scared But I also have a slightly big gap in the two fronts(bottom&top) the rest are little... READ MORE

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