Front Teeth + Smile Makeover

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How "Dangerous" is It to Have my Overlarge 2 Front Teeth Filed Down?

I have overlarge front teeth. The teeth surrounding them are all normal sized and well-placed; my 2 front teeth don't simply appear overlarge... READ MORE

My Frount Tooth Has Shifted Due to Gum Problems, Can This Tooth Be Fixed

My Frount Tooth Has Shifted Bad Due to Gum Problems Can This Tooth Be Fixed READ MORE

I have large front teeth. I am having reshaping and dental bonding. What is a realistic size they can be reduced too?

I am looking to have my upper teeth reshaped /contoured and have dental bonding also, I expect to have work done on the top 6 teeth. As you can see,... READ MORE

How to Close a Wide Gap Between my Front Teeth

I had Invisalign but I still have a gap between the front teeth and the top & bottom jaws are not closing perfectly. What can I do next? I... READ MORE

My Front Tooth is Bigger Than the Other One and Looks Disproportionate.

I used to wear braces but I feel that my right front tooth is considerably larger than the other one and protruding as well. Can it be fixed through... READ MORE

I have naturally straight teeth with a gap on my front tooth. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have naturally straight teeth (meaning I've never, ever had any braces). I would've loved my smile hadn't it been for this extremely embarrassing... READ MORE

Cosmetic Dentistry Inquiry

I am a 32 year old man who is greatly embarassed by his two front teeth. They are considerably larger than the rest of my teeth, and totally consume... READ MORE

Will a frenectomy improve my smile? (photos)

My frenum almost touches my front teeth and it hurts if I bite into something because it often gets caught. I have a low smile line, and recently... READ MORE

Don't like my smile- anything I can do to get one similar to the attached photos? (Photo)

My front teeth look too big - a bit rabbit like. Its quite narrow and small. Is there anyway to get a wider and more curved smile like the photos... READ MORE

The two front teeth are not equal, also have a wide gap in between them. What can I do? (Photo)

I'm missing a tooth, which has made the other front tooth drifted from where it's supposed to be, not centralized, also I have diastema in between the... READ MORE

How do I get a U-shaped smile? What treatment should I go for? (photos)

My 2 front teeth used to be crooked so I had braces to straighten it. I had braces for 5 years but apparently my bite and smile looked better before... READ MORE

What dental procedures would you recommend to fix my smile? (photo)

I had traditional braces many years ago but i think my teeth have dropped or shifted? I hate how my front teeth look so big. My smile seems very gummy... READ MORE

How Can I Get my Front Teeth Fixed? (photo)

I am 17 years old and I have had braces although I'm not very confident when it comes to talking because I hate my teeth, just before I got my adult... READ MORE

Gummy smile and overactive upper lip - suggestions for fix? (photos)

I'd like to get my gummy smile fixed along with my overactive upper lip. Any suggestions on how extensive the treatment would be and the best course... READ MORE

I am thinking of dentures instead of a bridge. The cost will be around $6000.00. Opinions?

I am 84 and in great health. No meds. One of my very front teeth is moving down. I was told the other day it is bone loss. 75% The one next to it has... READ MORE

What type of cosmetic dental procedure would you recommend. (photo)

My 2 front teeth are much larger than my other teeth, and I feel protrude more also. I have gotten them filed down in the past, however I am not happy... READ MORE

I had an accident 15yrs ago, lost 2 of my front teeth & some bone as well, causes my smile to look crooked & I have lost hope.

I have been to mexico numerous times and they have done nothing but take my money and leave me without hope and they give up on me because they say... READ MORE

Can this be fixed? I love to smile but this misalignment of my smile gives me a lot of insecurities. (photo)

I see my left upper teeth is lower than my right upper teeth, obviously there's a lot more of misalignment. READ MORE

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