Extraction + Smile Makeover

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I Have One Back Tooth That is Loose. I Suspect Bone Disease. If I Have It Removed, Will my Other Teeth Space Out? If So How Soon

Several years ago I was told I had minor bone loss in my lower back jaw. The pain went away with increased dental regimen. However, recently I have... READ MORE

External Resorption: Tooth #26. What Are My Best Options?

I was recently rold by my dentist that I have External Resorption on tooth #26 and will have to have it removed. I am dreading the fact that I'll... READ MORE

How Can You Fix the Gap Between Your Teeth After Removing the Snaggle Tooth?

I really want to remove my snaggle tooth (left canine tooth). Everyone always notices it and makes comments on it, and it is sticking out pretty bad.... READ MORE

Extraction or Nonextraction to Fix Moderate Class 2 Protrusion W/o Dished in Look?

Hi,42yo Asian man,Moderate bimaxillary Class 2 protrusive, ,lip incompetence.Confused w/various consults 2 fix CL2 toCL1 #1Ortho said he would extract... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Reverse my Sunken Look and Broaden my Smile? (photo)

I had 4 teeth extracted before for my orthodontic treatment 5 years ago when I was 16. Then I started notice the caved in teeth, narrow smile and... READ MORE

External Resorption or Cavity at Cervical area of Tooth: What Are My Best Options? I don't want to have it extracted. (photo)

I was recently rold by my dentist that I have External Resorption or cavity at the cerical area of tooth #30 (Please see the attached picture) and... READ MORE

Will 2nd Bone Graft Take?

I lost a front tooth 6 months ago X-ray showed absolutely nothing below the gum line just a dark triangle - no root. Probably due to a bike vs car... READ MORE

Should I have tooth #8 extracted do to external resorption?

I was informed I will need tooth #8 extracted and then implant. Tooth has had a root canal approximately 30 years ago. Sept placement of a glass... READ MORE

Can I get my extraction reversed? What is my best option my smile is not big anymore? (photo)

The picture on the left is where I had 2 top teeth extracted, the left is without having any teeth extracted. I really like my smile on the right.... READ MORE

What is involved with a bone graft and placement of a fixed bridge on my lower front teeth?

4 months ago the adjacent tooth was extracted after it had broken off and an abscess formed with infection of the gum. This required oral surgery and,... READ MORE

What treatment should I get now? (photos)

One doctor extracted my right canine tooth. Now i have a disturbed center line and one sided smile. How doctors can fix this now? READ MORE

Getting A Back Tooth Extracted, And Have Gaps Between Teeth, What Should I Do?

I'm getting a back tooth extracted and I'm scared But I also have a slightly big gap in the two fronts(bottom&top) the rest are little... READ MORE

I am looking for an orthodontist in IL, IN or WI to help bring back my daughter's big, bright smile after extraction? (photo)

Hi, I am looking for an orthodontist to help my daughter be proud of her smile again. She has had braces for 3 1/2 years and is about to get them off.... READ MORE

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