Extraction + Smile Makeover

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I Have One Back Tooth That is Loose. I Suspect Bone Disease. If I Have It Removed, Will my Other Teeth Space Out? If So How Soon

Several years ago I was told I had minor bone loss in my lower back jaw. The pain went away with increased dental regimen. However, recently I have... READ MORE

External Resorption: Tooth #26. What Are My Best Options?

I was recently rold by my dentist that I have External Resorption on tooth #26 and will have to have it removed. I am dreading the fact that I'll... READ MORE

How Can You Fix the Gap Between Your Teeth After Removing the Snaggle Tooth?

I really want to remove my snaggle tooth (left canine tooth). Everyone always notices it and makes comments on it, and it is sticking out pretty bad.... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Reverse my Sunken Look and Broaden my Smile? (photo)

I had 4 teeth extracted before for my orthodontic treatment 5 years ago when I was 16. Then I started notice the caved in teeth, narrow smile and... READ MORE

Extraction or Nonextraction to Fix Moderate Class 2 Protrusion W/o Dished in Look?

Hi,42yo Asian man,Moderate bimaxillary Class 2 protrusive, ,lip incompetence.Confused w/various consults 2 fix CL2 toCL1 #1Ortho said he would extract... READ MORE

External Resorption or Cavity at Cervical area of Tooth: What Are My Best Options? I don't want to have it extracted. (photo)

I was recently rold by my dentist that I have External Resorption or cavity at the cerical area of tooth #30 (Please see the attached picture) and... READ MORE

Should I have tooth #8 extracted do to external resorption?

I was informed I will need tooth #8 extracted and then implant. Tooth has had a root canal approximately 30 years ago. Sept placement of a glass... READ MORE

Can I get my extraction reversed? What is my best option my smile is not big anymore? (photo)

The picture on the left is where I had 2 top teeth extracted, the left is without having any teeth extracted. I really like my smile on the right.... READ MORE

Can I have a great smile without extractions? (photos)

I have gave my doctor instructions to complete treatment without extractions from the beginning. My doctor's only answer in the final stages are to... READ MORE

Do I need 4 teeth extracted to achieve the perfect smile? Please help! (Photo)

I am Caucasian and African American 22 years old and have had my braces since Nov 18th of 2016. I have bimaxillary protrusion and crowding. I recently... READ MORE

What treatment should I get now? (photos)

One doctor extracted my right canine tooth. Now i have a disturbed center line and one sided smile. How doctors can fix this now? READ MORE

I want to remove or correct my left upper side canine teeth? Told I'm too young(23) and braces and Invisalign are better (photo)

I am into acting profession. And my left side upper canine teeth is giving problem because in camera it will not look good. I consulted three doctors... READ MORE

Getting A Back Tooth Extracted, And Have Gaps Between Teeth, What Should I Do?

I'm getting a back tooth extracted and I'm scared But I also have a slightly big gap in the two fronts(bottom&top) the rest are little... READ MORE

I am looking for an orthodontist in IL, IN or WI to help bring back my daughter's big, bright smile after extraction? (photo)

Hi, I am looking for an orthodontist to help my daughter be proud of her smile again. She has had braces for 3 1/2 years and is about to get them off.... READ MORE

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