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What Can I Do About my Crooked Mouth/lips/smile? (photO)

For years I have been self-conscious about the appearance of my mouth. My lips are asymmetrical on the top and bottom and I have empty space on either... READ MORE

I Have a Crooked Smile, How Can I Fix It? (photo)

I have a crooked smile. It's like the muscles on my right side of the mouth is stronger than the one on the mouth.. READ MORE

Are There Any Permanent Ways to Fix a "Crooked Smile"? (photo)

My daughter was born with a "crooked smile". It is noticeable when she speaks but most noticeable when she smiles, opens her mouth wide or frowns. I... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Way to Fix my Crooked Smile? (photo)

When I was about 4 years old I fell into an underground baseball dugout. My face was bruised and swollen for months. My Smile has been crooked ever... READ MORE

My Smile is a Bit Crooked and Seems to Be Getting Worse, What Would Be the Best Way to Fix It? (photo)

I think the weak side of my smile looks a little strange so I would be hesitant to use Botox or something like that to weaken the stronger side. READ MORE

My 4 Year Old Son's Crooked Smile Seems to Be Getting Worse. What Can Be Causing This?

I used to only notice it when he was smiling his smile very big. Now it is notibible to me atleast with every smile. What can be causing it to get... READ MORE

How can I fix my asymmetrical smile, preferably without surgery? (photos)

I am a 20 year old female who had braces from the ages 12=18. Right before my braces, my orthodontist recommended that I extract four teeth as my... READ MORE

How to Fix my Crooked Smile and Make It Go Higher? (photo)

I have always hated my crooked smile and want it to go upwards and show more teeth. What would be my options for this? I know I could get veneers but... READ MORE

What would you recommend for a small, crooked smile and small teeth? (Photos)

I've hated my teeth and smile since I was young. I don't ever smile on photos as it just looks awful. My smile seems to pull up normally at one side,... READ MORE

How can I fix my half crooked upper lip? (photo)

Half my upper lip is a little lowered n crooked. It makes my smile crooked. In pictures and everything you can notice my lip is lowered/crooked. It... READ MORE

Why is my Smile Crooked?

My smile is getting more and more crooked as I get older. The top right side goes up higher and shows more of my teeth than the left side. It looks... READ MORE

I have a very crooked smile. And it annoys me every time I laugh. Any way to fix it? (Photo)

Well, I have a very crooked smile. I'm 15 years old, and it just annoys me every time I laugh, cause then the left side just keeps going down, and I... READ MORE

Is my Crooked Smile Able to Be Fixed?

When I smile my left side does not raise as far as my right side. I have had this since birth. It is growing to be a bigger issue for me as I age. Any... READ MORE

My top teeth do not show as much as I would like when smiling and smile appears forced even after braces. Any solutions? (photo)

I recently got my braces off to close diastema, but I still think my smile can be improved. When I smile, my top lip covers my top teeth too much... READ MORE

What would you recommend to fix my asymmetrical smile? (photos)

My smile has always been crooked. When I was little, around 12, I had braces to align my jaw and also my teeth, but I still see my smile crooked...... READ MORE

I Have Very Bad Crooked Top Teeth And Had Braces Before, What Are My Other Options?

Had brecess before when I was 14 but I toke them off when I was 16. Am 19 years old will u be abel to give me a payment plan please! READ MORE

My smile is very crooked. Even when I talk one side goes up higher. (Photo)

What are the best options I have to even out my smile. Thank you READ MORE

How do I get a U-shaped smile? What treatment should I go for? (photos)

My 2 front teeth used to be crooked so I had braces to straighten it. I had braces for 5 years but apparently my bite and smile looked better before... READ MORE

Is there any way to fix my crooked smile? (photo)

I started to notice in pictures that my smile is off center. When I smile in mirrors my smile isn't crooked, or when I take the picture sometimes it... READ MORE

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